B A Madhu Kannada Actor

B A Madhu is an established story, screenplay and dialogue writer and a film producer for Kannada cinema, who has been active since early 90’s. Born and brought up in Karnataka, he started as early as 22 years of age when his screenplay was turned into a movie called 'Baa Nanna Preethisu' in the year 1992. In the following years, he wrote dialogues for films like Rasika (1994), Mouna Raga (1996), Karpoorada Gombe Karpoorada Gomba is a story of fate, it is a story >> Read More... Karpoorada Gombe (1996), Suvvi Suvvalaali (1998) etc. At the same time, his screenplays were also adapted into movies like Jenina Hole (1997), Megha Bantu Megha (1998), Kubera (1999) and so on. His dialogues also featured in drama films like Kaurava, Premachari, Prema, and Sneha Loka. In early 2000’s, Madhu continued his work as a dialogue writer for movies including Sundara Kaanda, Shaapa, Kotigobba, Kitty, etc.

He also wrote the script for Sainika, which was released in 2002. The movie was a drama film which shed some light on war and the plight of soldiers and their families, through the perspective of one soldier. In the same year, he wrote the dialogue for Friends (2002), which was the adaptation of a Telugu movie. It was a hit among the audience and its popularity continues to this day. In 2004, under his own production company, Gowdru was released. It was well received by both viewers and critics. Meanwhile, he continued to write dialogues for films like Rama Krishna, Mona Lisa, and Rowdy Aliya. His work was appreciated throughout his career. Following this, he wrote the screenplay and dialogue for Aishwarya, which released in 2006.

The movie was a romantic drama and marked the debut of superstar Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone is an Indian actress and model. S >> Read More... Deepika Padukone . It had a successful commercial run at the box office. It was ranked among the ‘top 5 movies of the year’. His work also appeared in movies like Indra, Josh, Jolly Days, Surya IPS Surya IPS is a September 5th, 1991 released Mahesw >> Read More... Surya IPS , Prithvi, Vigneshwari, Boss and many more films. In the year 2012, he wrote the comedy Mr. 420, starring Ganesh. However, the movie only received average and even negative reviews. He went on to write the dialogue for Sweety, Barfi (not to be confused with the Hindi movie of the same name), Murari, Nani, etc. He also wrote the script of the 2016 movie Bhujanga.He continues to work as a writer and film producer, as of 2017.