Shashank Purushotham is an excellent director, actor, lighting designer, trainer, voice-over artist as well as a make-up artist. He was a dental surgeon before coming into the film industry. He is the president of BLT; Bangalore Little Theatre. He took birth in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His schooling was done at the National Public School. His journey to go in the film industry began when he got a role in a play at his school, which brought interest in him. Later on, he ran away from his home at 14 to become a big star but soon returned home. Shashank Purushotham got his first break in BLT; Bangalore Little Theatre in the year 2006, where he performed as 10,000 years old man, who belongs to Dwaparayuga in the play of Kurukshetra Burning.

For Shashank, it was hard to maintain the appearance of an old man, and as a result, he was not selected, but it provided him more courage to work hard. He performed for many BLT productions like The Ungrateful Man, The Anklet and Buzzwords, and The Magic Drum. He admits that Vijay Padaki was the one to become his mentor in English Theater. Being an actor, Shashank has performed all over the world with a maximum number of English theater groups of Bangalore. He has been also guided by B Jayashree in Kannada folk Theatre. He also learned singing in the Kannada Language for a role in “Sadarame,” to be premiered in Ranga Shankara Festival of 2008. Shashank Purushotham has worked with many great personalities including Srijit Mukherjee, Padmavathi Rao, Arjun Sajnani, Prakash Belawadi Prakash Belawadi is a famous Indian journalist, ac >> Read More... Prakash Belawadi , Phyllis Bose, Vijay Padaki, and Arundhati Raja.

He is well-known in T N Seetharam for playing as Chintadri, Mahaparva. He gave auditions for two TV shows, but unluckily did not get selected because of his poor Kannada language. From that time, Shashank also started focusing on lighting, set design as well as makeup. One of his colleagues Surendranath offered him a role in Ranga Shankara, and then the show along with Shashank Purushotham became popular. Shashank Purushotham got married to Melanie Martinelli, in Mysuru, who was his girlfriend for a long time. In a Kannada film, Shuddhi, Shashank played a role, and even he is planning to open his production house to make some short films with his friends, which he has written. Shashank is also organizing some theatre workshops as well as doing many things to keep himself busy.