Singri Gowda is an actor who works for the Kannada movies. He is predominantly a farmer. He belongs to the district of Mandya in Karnataka where he lives in a village called Singrigowdana Koppalu. He lost his wife about four years ago, and his only son succumbed to cancer.

He states that his grandsons are not interested in working as agricultural workers. His three daughters are married and in their respective families. He had a family split with his brother’s family a long time ago. He was heavily discouraged from going to school when he was young as his family preferred his help as a laborer to support the family.

They used to tie him up so that he couldn't attend school. He voices his concern over lack of facilities, equipment, electricity for agricultural use. He asks for more power supply for the farmers so that he, along with many other farmers can save their crop.

The yields of this fields have reduced by about forty percent. He worked in his debut film in the movie industry at the age of 97. He worked in the Kannada movie Thithi. He plays the character of a one-hundred-year-old and how his entire village including his son, grandson, and great-grandson have different views and opinions about his death.

He admits that he is not a professionally trained actor, so he neither has any clue about the filmmaking procedure nor the process of acting. His performances are from the heart and his natural emotions. Nevertheless, he is very sure of the fact that the audiences will relish his acting.

He watched movies when he was younger in Melukote and Pandavapura, but now watches them only on the television, even though he doesn't understand most of the things. The last one he recalls watching is Narasinga.

His effortless acting in Thithi made him the face of Sandalwood in the international film festivals. He is now known more popularly as Century Gowda. The film also went on to win a National Award. His spectacular yet effortless work in his debut movie led to more offers which led him to work in two other projects like Yen Ni Problemmu and Tharle Village.

He worked in Thathanna Thithi Mommagana Prasta which released in the year 2017. He was also a part of the Kannada film Haalu Thuppa which was directed by Shashank Raj in the year 2017. His recent movie was Chinnada Gombe in the year 2018.