Ashwin Hassan is a cinema actor as heworked in the Kannada film and television industry. He did a diploma in Engineering. Although he acted in dramas from an early age, he had no dream of becoming a film artist and came to Bangalore about fifteen years ago. But then there was the desire to do well in the cinema. When it comes to star actors, everyone from Anna is loved. But when it comes to my favorites artists, he like Anantnag and Prakash Rai and joined the theatre because their background was theatre. He is known for blockbuster movies such as Avane Srimannarayana Click to look into! >> Read More... Avane Srimannarayana in 2019, Geetha (2019), and Ananthu vs. Nursath (2018).

The audience widely praised the starring Ashwin Hassan’s in the role of Narasi. With the character called Narasi, new opportunities come to him. There is a shortage of villains in Kannada not only for filmmakers but for the viewers. He was the only Kannada to be release in the Pan India films. The audience also appreciated Ashwin Hassan performance as Narasi. A character named Narasi has sought new opportunities. Most of the time he had no fear of acting and living life, Look at his acting in the dramaOperation Angushoma.

Then she got the chance to play a supporting role in Duniya Rashmi's second film, Mandakini. In between, he continued to work as an engineer and went to France for a year because of work. Upon arrival, a short film called Positive Number. He was doing drama too. But the chances of what came next for the camera were not constant. But he had no mind to quit. Luckily he had the opportunity to do a night shift in the office, so he worked in the office at night and acted in the morning serial. Dedication won the Best Villain Award. He got a chance to perform with Ananthanag in thebutterfly step.

He also worked in Valavaikkavai '. Career also got a little upbeat. Because of the serial's performance, photographer Krishna played the role of corporate Ranganath in his directorial debut, Hebbulaimala. Darshan sir's friend's role in Jaggudaadu, and Appu Sir's role in Rajkumar's in cinema. But it is ironic that even then, he did not have great opportunities. So he didn't get the chance to pick the characters. Since acting is a career, all the characters have to be accepted.

He was introduced to Sachin Sir by the director of the Sri Mannarayana film team, and he was waiting to see if I could get through them. Meanwhile, Hemant Rao had recommended Rakshit Sir to him. He has made an endless effort to bring to life the character he got. Rakshit Shetty Rakshit Shetty is a Kannada film actor and directo >> Read More... Rakshit Shetty , Rishabh Shetty, and Pramod Sir, who were on the set, including the directors, were all very encouraging about his acting.