Puttur Narasimha Nayak Kannada Actor
  • DOB : 28-11-1958
  • Age : 64
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Kannada and Konkani singer Sri Puttur Narasimha Nayak is a vocalist from the South Western Region or Karnataka. The singer is typically fond of religious songs, mainly Haridas masterpieces, and Carnatic Traditional Music. To his praise, he has represented in Kannada, mostly spiritual songs and kirthanas by Purandara Dasa. Kanaka Dasa has presented many public performances all around the globe. His "Pavamana prana" record is exceedingly admired. At the age of 14, Sri Nayak started to learn the melody. He took his early lessons in a song from Puttur Devdas Nayak. During 1977 he sang tunes for Konkani, Kannada, and Tulu movies. Pictures of Kendada Male, Ujwadu and harmony by L Vaidyanathan, and Rajan-Nagendra. Puttur Nayak earned the prize for Best Male Playback Vocalist in 1992 at the Karnataka Film Awards. He can sing in fourteen dialects and has sung more than ten thousand devotionals, motion film, and folk melodies. The artist is indigenous to Dakshina Kannada region.

He lives with his spouse and two progenies in Bangalore. He has staged in more than three thousand performances across the globe. He has explored the USA and Bahrain numerous times and assisted as a representative in the Kannada meetings abroad. Sri Raghavendra Seva Samithy, prearranged sacred and folk programmes till 17th August.Singing, veena, religious harmony, bhajan, and other functions take place. Puttur Narasimha Nayak gave the performance solely of Kannada Devaranamas and is one of the most desirable performers. He is evenly reputed in sugam sangeeth and traditional records and has intoned for a large number of melody albums. He some masterpieces on Raghavendra Swamy, also to outfit the event. Karedare Barabarade, Raya Baro, Thunga Theera Viharam, etc. the poetic plea in the deveranama emphasized its instant friendliness.

With his melodious voice, he sang with decent feeling prevalent melodies like –Kaagada Bandide, Dasanagu Visheshanagu, Pavamana, Rajabeediyolaginda. He matched ‘TharaPanchama’ easily in Nanena Madideno, which confirmed that his vocal sound could traverse in three octaves, effortlessly. Sustained support on the keyboard, tabla and ‘Thala’ respectively were given by Vasanth Kumar Vasanth Kumar is a renowned actor in the Canadian >> Read More... Vasanth Kumar , Raghavendra, and Venkatesh Purohit. Followers absorbed in the worship full music rendered elegantly by Puttur Narasimha Nayak. He was escorted on harmonium by Venkatesh Alkod, by Rajgopal Kallurkaron Tabla, and by Venkatesh Purohiton Thala. Ananth Kulakarni’s inaugural slokas of Harikath amritha Sara aided to bring a decent religious ambiance. Arrangements of different Harid as asseemed rejuvenating. A flowing variety of ‘Sangathies’ improved the aural grace of the devaranamas. Significant songs like Teekarayara Paada were pleasant. Indeed, he can touch great statures with some more knowledge.