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Veeresh K.M is an editor, movie producer, and journalist who was born on 3rd July. In Bangalore in Karnataka. He attended BP Indian High School in Malleswaram in Bangalore; he was in the class of 1980. After that, he went MES College of Arts, Commerce, and Science in 1987 in Bangalore itself to study Social Science.

He further studied Dip in Journalism at the Mysore University in Mysore, Karnataka. Veeresh owns and is the editor of Chitralokha, one of the first Kannada Film Portals. As a movie producer, Veresh has worked predominantly in Kannada movie industry.

He has been part of a some of the films like Pulakeshi and Actor. Veeresh began his career as a journalist in sports and soon became a photo journalist. His courage and determination lead him to photograph many stories, even though it posed danger to his life.

He is currently very well acquainted with all well known Kannada personalities. Veeresh also organized an exhibition which featured about 2650 photographs which presented the long journey of the seventy-two-year-old Kannada film industry.

He also received recognition by Limca Book Of Records and honored him in its 2008 edition for an exhibition which he organized at the chamber of commerce. He also featured in the 2010 edition of the Limca Book of World Records for a presentation that he did which exhibited about 300 photos of the Kannada film industry, over the years.

This exhibition took place at the Amrutha Mahotsava function. The actor was his most recent release. The movie Actor, shot at a brisk pace in a famous location in Bangalore, hit the theaters in 2016. The project, shot under the banner of Chitraloka Movies, had Avinash U Shetty and Dayal working with Veeresh as his co-producers.

The actor was a commercial yet art film, shot with the well-known cinematographer Suresh Byrasandra Suresh Byrasandra is a famous cinematographer and >> Read More... . The movie went on to selection in the ninth Biffes under the Kannada Cinema Competition. His famous works also include Mandahasa in 2013, in which he was the executive producer.

He is also at the position of treasurer in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. Chitraloka, a Kannada film journal, started by Weeresh gained recognition by Limca Books of Records in 2006 and his photo exhibition in 2009.

Veeresh’s life has also been one with some obstacles, one of which was when multiplexes in Karnataka began discriminating against Kannada films, looking for reasons to not screen them, as Kannada movies didn't earn much profit for the theatres as it was tax-free.

He raised his voice against this discrimination, encouraging other movie directors to speak about the same. They also approached the KFCC for help on this, but in vain. He was unable to recover the money he invested in the movie Actor and faced loss, not because the movie wasn't appreciated but due to the wrongdoings of the multiplex owners.


Born: 2 March 1991

Age Now 33

Neha Pawar - (Movie Actress)

Born: 2 March 1988

Age Now 36

Aryan Raj - (Movie Actor)

Born: 2 March 1950

Age Now 74

RA Ramamani - (Singer)


Born: 1 March 1994

Age Now 30

Sukrutha Wagle - (Movie Actress)

Born: 1 March 1993

Age Now 31

Harish Arasu - (Actor)