Shiva is an actor in South Indian films. His acting debut came from the movie Thamisra in which he was one of the star cast.Thamisra was a horror movie. Thamisra means darkness in Kannada.

He was paired up alongside actress Kavya. The producer of the film was RMN Nagraj and director being Prakash Hassan. The movie did a decent business in Karnataka where it was released in around 200 theaters.

Sanchari Vijay Kannada Actor

Sanchari Vijay

Vijay Kumar B alias Sanchari Vijay is a Kannada Theater and film artist. The tag ‘Sanchari’ comes from a drama troupe of the same name of which, Vijay is a vital part. The milestone in his acting career is regarded as the 2015 movie ‘Naanu Avanalla...Avalu’ where he takes, head-on, the bold portrayal of a transgender. For his brave stint, Vijay procured the National award for Best Actor. He is the third Kannada actor to win the award; his precursors being eminent actors like M.V Vasudeva Rao and Charuhasan. To add to the pride, ‘Harivu’, in which he is the protagonist, won the award for the ‘Best Feature Film’ in the language, Kannada. In ‘Harivu,’ Sanchari portrays an intense relationship between a father and son. ‘Naanu Avanalla….. Avalu’ is a based on an original story and it comes to life with Vijay’s exceptional acting skills. He renders the emotion and body language of a transgender in a way that is simply out of this world. As he confesses, the role had educated him about the life of a transgender- their position in the social ladder. Having done plays that echoed the same radical theme, he had to learn to adapt to the mannerisms. While on one plate he deals with gender bias; on the other, he deals with urbanization and cultural politics through ‘Harivu’. Vijay is little known for his commercial movies as his works are, by large, non-canonical and mostly theatre. His characters are diverse and complex as in ‘Dasavala’, directed by Jogi Prem, where he plays the role of a boy who is mentally and physically challenged. His other works include ‘Oggarane’ a Kannada remake of the Malayalam film, ‘Salt and Pepper’ He was born on 1983 in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. He is also very popularly known as a writer.


K. S. Ashwath

K S Ashwath (Karaganahalli Subbaraya Ashwathanarayana) is an Indian actor who worked predominantly in Kannada movies. He had an astonishing film career of 5 decades and had worked in over 370 movies.  Ashwath hails from Holanarsipur district. Born on 25 May 1975, Ashwath was a very intelligent student and got the 7th rank in his Graduation examination. Since he got himself involved in the freedom movement opposing the British, Ashwath discontinued his studies. After being a food inspector, he had worked as a stenographer for over a decade. Ashwath had his first stint with acting by taking part in radio plays of All India Mysore Radio. Eventually, Ashwath went on to play significant roles in the plays of Parvathavani, A N Murthy Rao, etc.  It was K Subramanya, a film director, who was instrumental in the entry of Ashwath in the dream factory; he saw Ashwath’s acting prowess in one of the plays. Hence, Ashwath became an actor through the 1956 movie Streerathna. Since then Ashwath became a familiar face in Sandalwood, and many movies in which he acted became hits. His character role in Naagarahaavu is his best portrayal, and he is still remembered for that.    Ashwath associated with the veteran actor Rajkumar in as many as 98 movies. He played the supporting character roles in these films. Ashwath is credited with being the first Kannada actor to have made his presence in a color film. Ashwath is mostly known for the role of the father in his movies. Some of the memorable films of Ashwath include Jagajyothi Basveshwara,  Kappu Bilupu, Hasyaratna Ramakrishna, Shivarathri Mahathme, Bangalore Mail, Kasturi Nivasa, Janma Rahasya, Doorada Betta, Jedara Bale, and Shabdavedhi. Tumkur University credited Ashwath with an honorary degree during 2008 for his significant contribution to the movie industry. The Karnataka Government also felicitated him with Rajkumar Award. Shankar Ashwath, the son of Ashwath, is also a film actor.  Ashwath got himself associated with the movie industry in the early 50s and was active in it till he breathed his last on January 18, 2010. 

K. S. Ashwath Kannada Actor