SLG Puttanna is a well-known actor, producer, and director in the Kannada industry. He is best known for directing " Full Tight Pyathe Click to look into! >> Read More... Full Tight Pyathe (2019)." His principal works are in the Kannada language. “Full Tight Pyathe” is a Kannada feature film released on 12th July 2019 directed by Puttanna and produced by Naave under “Brothers Pictures House.” Sajiv S is the music director of the film. Puttanna wrote the dialogues, screenplay, and lyrics. Jagadish MC, MM Murugan, Aviram Kanteerava Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Aviram Kanteerava , Raju, Shiva Ramagar, Kiran Kumar Kiran Kumar is an Indian Bollywood actor who has w >> Read More... Kiran Kumar , and Nandish Eppdi assisted him. The story centers around two young people who set out to film a documentary about alcoholism leading to rural Karnataka. They eventually track down a young boy, Pyathe, and try to get his narrative for the documentary.