Raghuveer Kannada Actor
  • DOB : 1963
  • Date of death: 08-05-2014

Raghuveer was an actor cum director in the Kannada film industry. Initially, he had started his career playing small roles in the Hindi films, but, later on, entered the Sandalwood as an actor through ‘Ajay Vijay’ along with another co-star Murali. His first film was ‘Chhailla Babu’ which was a Hindi film released in 1977. Later on, he acted in few other films in spite of which he couldn’t add any flavor to his career. He was brought into light by the Sandalwood’s most famous director S.Narayan through the film ‘Chaitrada Premanjali’ released in the year 1992 which burgeoned not only his career but also the career of this novice actor. Since then he had acted and directed many films like ‘Kaaveri Theeradalli,’ ‘Shrungaara Kaavya,’ ‘Thungabhadra,’ ‘ Hongirana Please check back Serial story Coming soon... >> Read More... Hongirana ,’ ‘Sangrama,’ ‘Durga Pooje’ etc. which weren’t that successful in the Sandalwood and, unfortunately, couldn’t Burgeon his fame anymore.

He was in love with his co-star Sindhu in the film ‘Shrungaara Kaavya’ and he married her after its completion even though his family members confronted him. However, the cute couple couldn’t live together for a long time because they got divorced in 2003 after which she married to a T.V actor Rishi and soon after which in January 2005 she passed away because of lung infection while she was on her way to collect aid for the coastal tide victims. Later on, Raghuveer married his relative Gowri, and the couple was blessed with a daughter, and he was again back with his parents after a long time. He was compelled by his parents to refrain from the Sandalwood for almost a decade after the death of his former wife. After that, he married his relative Gowri and, later on, he returned to the Sandalwood with the film ‘Ee Preethi Yaarigoskara’ directed by Raja S in which a student from Vasavi College at Visveswarapuram was acting as a female lead, and he was the producer for it.

In 2010, he was produced in the court and remanded to judicial custody for running a prostitution racket in the city along with a few others. However, he tried to level the charges raised against him saying that his critics had intrigued to defame him. Unfortunately on May 8th, 2014, the Sandalwood had lost one of its beloved actors and also a director. He was admitted in the hospital at the BTM layout but finally died in the night due to a heart attack. He will always be present around us, in our hearts, and also with his wife and daughter.