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Sunil Bhalder

Sunil Bhalder is a model-turned-actor who features in Kannada, Marathi, Bollywood and even Tamil movies. But his appearance has finite space on the screen. When he was studying in 10th standard, people had given him the advice to take up modelling seriously. Certain tips were given to him that to be a modeller, one must not only have a good look but good body and fluency in English too. Hence he found all the details within him that had supported him to become a successful mode. Plus, he had the energy and even charisma even to become a good modeller. This tips he considered more like advice and he enrolled himself in correspondence courses to get a part-time assignment in an advertisement.  The first assignment he got was from a renowned Fashionoire-Rajesh Shetty, who has been ace designer and very well known for ''Bangalore fashion Night”. Rajesh Shetty is in the fashion industry for over a decade and is a multi-talented man, and he is also known for his skills as a stylist, as a choreographer too. Rajesh had asked him once if he could dance. After that, he had engaged himself in learning dances as well. The first assignment he got for a move was of a negative character in ‘Bombay Mittai' (2015) and 'Brahma Vishnu Mashewwra’ (2016). He never wanted to become an actor but continue in modelling, but his stunning look and bodybuilding shape proved he could challenge even villains too on screen. He got then involved in a Tamil movie for which he had attempted to give even some screenshots and a Marathi or Bollywood movie too. The movie 'Bombay Mittai' spoke about a story of three college friends in which he played the shade of a negative character. The glamorous modeller has a look of Aditya Pancholi and can really strike a chord with Bollywood too.

Sunil Bhalder Kannada Actor