R.N Jayagopal was a famous Indian lyricist and a film director. He directed a bunch of Kannada movies and wrote lyrics for more than 12,000 songs. Jayagopal was born on17th August 1935, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His father, R. Nagendra Rao was also a famous Kannada movie director and an actor. He completed his primary education from Bangalore. B.S Raj Iyengar taught him Carnatic music. Jayagopal was good at playing the Violin. His other siblings are all veteran movie directors, actors, and producers.

Jayagopal entered the film industry in the year 1957 as a lyricist. He wrote the lyrics for the song Tribhuvana Janani Jaganmohini in the movie Premada Putri. The song was produced by his father. The song was a huge hit, and then he wrote lyrics for many songs. Apart from being a lyricist, Jayagopal also wrote scripts and dialogues for many Kannada movies. He then changed his career from being a lyricist and became a director. He consecutively directed sevens films which include the famous Avala Antaranga and Kesarina Kamala.

He even won the Best Dialogue awards in the State Awards for the movie Pallavi Anu Pallavia and Namma Makkalu. He also directed many television serials, but he always preferred writing lyrics for Kannada songs. His lyrics were deep and meaningful and were appreciated by most of the listeners. Jayagopal was hugely influenced by some of the famous writers of his times which included Hunsur Krishnamurthy, Chi. Udaya Shankar, Sorat Aswath, and Vijaya Narasimha. He wrote his second song for the movie Sathi Savitri in the year 1965.

He achieved success in the year 1972. In 1972, he composed songs for more than four movies which include some of the famous movies like Naa Mechida Huduga, Mareyada Deepavali, and Bangarada Manushya. After that, Jayagopal did not look back. He became the most famous Kannada lyricist of all times. He wrote songs for some of the biggest hit movies of the Kannada cinema namely Sathyam Shivam Sundaram, Pallavi Anu Pallavi, Maathu Tappada Maga, Anjada Gandu, Lion Jagapathi Rao, and Jeevanadhi. His most recent work as a lyricist was in the movie Gubbi in the year 2010. Jayagopal directed his first movie named Dhoomketu in the year 1968. He also wrote the screenplay, lyrics, and dialogues for the movie. It did not do well at the Kannada Cinema and received mixed critic reviews. In 1972, he directed Naa Mechida Huduga.

The movie was a success and made Jayagopal a successful movie director. His last movie as a director came out in 1987. The movie was Hrudaya Pallavi. The movie did average business and after that, Jayagopal went back to work as a lyricist. Jayagopal won the Best Dialogue Award for the movie Pallavi Anu Pallavi in 1983 and Namma Makkalu in 1969. He died on 19 May 2008 at the age of 72, due to a Cardiac Arrest.

Ratnaja Kannada Actor


Ratnaja is director and writer for Kannada movies. His debut as a director happened with the movie “Nenapirali”. It was a huge hit and won many awards in Karnataka. Ratnaja studied Mechanical Engineering at National College of Engineering in Mysore. He then got training under ‘Rajendra Singh Babu’ and ‘Dinesh Baboo’. Both are acclaimed directors. He learned under them for five years. Ratnaja began directing in 2005. He released his first film, Nenapirali. The movie had ‘Prem Kumar’, ‘Varsha’, and ‘Vidhya Venkatesh’, all newcomers in the movie. The story revolved around the youth and the confusion created by love. It was a critical as well as commercial success. It won many state awards and Filmfare awards in 2005-2006. Ratnaja's directing was so fine that some people referred to him as 'Mani Ratnam' of Kannada. Ratnaja released his next film “Honganasu” with 'Naveen Krishna' and ‘Prem Kumar’ as the leads, in 2008. 'Hamsalekha' was the music director. The movie failed to live up to the audience expectations and did not go well with the critics as well. The narration was said to be weak, and the audience did not find any humor in the film. Ratnaja soon made “Premism” on 2 April 2010. ‘Ajay Gowda’ was the producer and Hamsalekha handled the music department. It starred 'Chetan Chandra', ‘Varun’, and 'Amulya'. 'Sunil Raoh' made a guest appearance. Deccan Herald reviewed it, saying it is a neat presentation. He raved Amulya's performance. It did not go well with the audience and did not do much for Ratnaja. Ratnaja hit the headlines when his kissing photos with Amulya created a controversy, saying that he was having an affair with her. While the shoot was going on, both of them denied their involvement with each other.  He soon married Priyadarshini, his elder sister's daughter, and cleared the rumors. His wife is a Software Engineer and the marriage was a simple one. It solemnized secretly at Himad Gopalaswamy Hill without much fanfare. The media was not allowed to cover the event. A private channel's staff camera was snatched when he tried to enter the venue. He was beaten up by Ratnaja's friends. This commotion created a huge controversy again. However, the marriage put an end to all rumors of Ratnaja marrying Amulya. She attended the wedding along with Prem Kumar, Hamsalekha's lead actor. Ratnaja made his comeback after a gap of five years in 2016. His last films had failed at the box office, but he seemed confident about this one. “Preethiyalli Sahaja” has ‘Surya’ and ‘Aqsa Bhatt’ as the lead pair. It is a Romantic film shot in Karnataka and Kerala. The movie's script took time as well as the location selection. He again chose newcomers instead of known faces. He feels the script gave him the freedom to do so. The movie will succeed or fail is known only after watching the movie.


Sunil Kumar Desai

Born in North Karnataka, Sunil Kumar Desai is a well-established Kannada Film Director. He took his primary education in Karnataka and for higher studies, he went to Pune. His cinematic career started as an assistant director. He assisted Kashinath, who was a renowned writer, director, and actor of the Kannada film industry. He learned a lot from him and then assisted Suresh Heblikar, who was a director as well as an environmentalist. His debut was in the year 1989 with the movie Tarka. It was a stupendous murder mystery and was a superhit in the Kannada industry. The play The Unexpected Guest inspired it which was written by Agatha Christie and it starred Shankar Nag, Vanitha Vasu, and Devaraj. It won various State Film Awards. Sunil has mostly written and directed thrillers, murder mysteries, and love stories. The very next year came his movie Utkarsha. It featured a psycho- killer and yet it was another hit. His movies Sangharsha, Nishkarsha, were action thrillers which swirled everyone’s mind. Dr. Vishnuvardhana played the lead role in it. Nishkarsha even won the Best Screenplay Karnataka State Award. It was inspired by the American action plus thriller movie Die Hard. Both the audience and the critics loved the Kannada adaptation of the film. In the year 1995, he tried his hand with a love story titled Beladingala Baale, which starred Ananth Nag, Suman Nagarkar in the major roles. The movie was a blockbuster. It won several prestigious awards like The Filmfare Award for Best Director, The Best Screenplay Karnataka State Award, etc. The picture featured on a novel of Telugu origin named Vennelalo Aadapilla, which was written by Yandamuri Veerendranath. Sunil gained confidence as whatever he tried thriller or love story; the audience and the critics both appreciated it. He has been one of the leading directors of Kannada Cinema as he has won four Filmfare Awards and four Karnataka State Awards. These awards have been for Best Screenplay, Best Dialogues, Best Director, etc. Not just this, he has worked with the leading actors and singers of Kannada Cinema. Eminent personalities like Ilaiyaraaja, Gunasingh, Hamsalekha, praise his talent and work. After 1995, he started making love stories one after another. In 1996, he made Nammora Mandara Hoove, which was another blockbuster and featured Ramesh Aravind, Shivrajkumar, Prema, Suman Nagarkar, etc. The movie was so well written that the Tamil cinema made its remake. Its title was Kangalin Vaarthaigal. Since then, movies like Parva, Marma, Sparta, adorned his name.

Sunil Kumar Desai Kannada Actor