Phani Ramachandra Kannada Actor

Phani is a well-known Kannada film and television director. He is renowned for his classic Ganeshana Maduve and Gauri Ganesha comedy films. He was born in Karnataka in a middle-class family. He is a very common name in the South Indian household, as everyone knows him for his portrayal of middle-class family in his serials and movies. The joy spread by him in general homes of South India is huge and cannot be compared to anything. He completed his graduation in the KLE College in Bangalore as it was his father’s wish to complete education. Phani didn’t show his stories to anyone until he met Shivaram, he showed his stories to Shivaram, and then everything changed. Shivaram introduced him to Udayshankar, a famous personality in Kannada films. Udayshankar pushed him to conquer his dreams. Phani was an adamant follower of Puttana Kanagal and had deep knowledge of his work. After that, he started working for Bhargava as an assistant director.

He continued his work as assisting work, but never stopped for his creation; he tried writing various film songs and stories and was successful at it. He appeared in more than 15 films of other directors. He made his directorial debut in 1989 with the film Doctor Krishna starring Vishnuvardhan. He went on to create various masterpieces and earned loads of fame in the industry. He did movies such as Ganeshana Maduve, Gowri Ganesha, and Ganesha, I Love You which earned him heaps of praises and also helped him secure various awards. Aryabhata Award, Kannada Chitra Prashasti, and Filmfare Awards were some of his feathers he added on his hat. He also won the Madras Film fan’s association award. He went on to make a spree of tv series starting from Duddu, duddu, duddu (money), after that Maduve, maduve, maduve(marriage) and many more. His serials always concentrated not only on sarcasm and humor but also had a message through his serials and films. He is known in the industry by PR, the director of commonalities. He did various films and TV serials and earned huge respect from the crowd. He has always laid his heart on anything he did and was a success every time.