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Kannada Comedian Ratnaakar
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Ratnaakar was a crowd pleasing comedian in ‘Kannada film industry’. His birth name was, ‘Kolloru Manjunatha Bhatta’. He was a theatre artist, before his entry into the films. He started acting in the dramas at the young age of 12. His cinema career started in the year 1967, through the film ‘Vichithra Prabancha’. Ratnaakar, was famous for his excellent dialogue delivery, and his comical activities. He featured in more than 300 films in his career, which include Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and English films. He tried out all the aspects in the cinema. He has also directed a few films. His family was very orthodox. His father wanted Ratnaakar, to become a religious instructor. His father was a Purohit, in Kollur and hence he wished his son to follow his footsteps. But, Ratnaakar followed his own way of interest. Ratnaakar was married ‘Mookambike’ and had three sons. Ratnaakar has directed three movies, namely Shani Prabhava, Bhagya Devathe and Bandhavya. His performance was well known through the films Shahasi, Guru Shishyaru and Ananda Bhairavi. Aaptha Rakshaka and Gana Bhajana were his latest movies. Ratnaakar completed his life journey at the age of 80, in the year 2010. His last movie, Gana Bhajana released after his death. He served the cinema industry, for more than five decades.


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