Kannada Comedian ( 0 - 12 )

Manju Pavagada

Kanan Gill



Comedians "Make Others Happy "

A comedian is a person who entertains the audience by making them laugh. In the era of dramatic and depressing soap operas, a weekly or daily dose of comedy is welcomed by all. Comedy has also become common to all genres of movies. Be it an action flick or a romantic film, a little comedy gives it an edge over a plain action or romantic movie. Almost every TV channel too has its own comedy shows these days, where the comedians leave the viewers cracked up by means of their jokes or funny dramas.

There also exist the stand-up comedians who indulge in direct interaction with the audience and crease them up with their jests. Such shows, in fact, have encouraged people to look at comedy as a profession, a job which does not require any formal education but only needs you to be witty. Kannada cinema and TV shows have had their fair share of comedians over the years. This page gives you a look into the lives of Sandalwood’s best-loved humorists.