Giridhar Divan

Other names of Giridhar Divan: Giridar Divan, Giridhar Divan, Giridar Deevan
Giridhar Divan Kannada Actor
Other Skills

Born in Madikeri, Karnataka, Giridhar Divan is a talented cinematographer, editor and photographer who has worked with various prominent figures in the Kannada cinema industry, such as veteran director Bharat Chandrashekar, actress Shruthi Chandrasena and music composer and director Nakul Abhyankar Nakul Abhyankar is a playback singer who works in >> Read More... Nakul Abhyankar . He completed high school at Sir J.J. School of Fine Arts in Mumbai. He is married to a lovely wife with whom he has a son. Giridhar is credited for his works in short films and movies like ‘Black Ops: ‘unit Retrieval Mission’ (2013), ‘Jagath Kiladi’ in 2018, and ‘ Kannad Gothilla Click to look into! >> Read More... Kannad Gothilla ’ in 2019. He is also active as a professional photographer shooting commercial and promotional advertisements under Grey18 Audio and Visual Studio.