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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Believing in spreading good vibes, as her caption on twitter says, Surbhi Bhutani also known as Surbhi.R Sharma, sailed on successfully retaining this journalistic tour and today is another reputed voice which is heard in the journalism circuit of India. Her twitter handle is @Surbhi_R_Sharma and her gmail account as mentioned in many of her profiles is [email protected]. Since the beginning, it was crystal clear in her mind that she wants to build her career in this field, so she did her college studies in the same field, after which she charted her goals and thus started her journey of journalism by anchoring bulletins on Zee Networks Siti channel.

But now since a long time she has been working with India TV and if memorized, she started it with hosting pursuit based shows like Showtime and Sub Golmaal Hai; and then later managed everything in the Newscasters aspect as well. Her video on Youtube has been uploaded which represents that she has left none of the aspects to cover like Elections, Rallies, Entertainment, Yoga, Festivals. She maintained herself with uninhibited zeal and optimistic approach which helped her to reach this stage in life. She is also known to be in a very good friendship with her co-anchor Sucherita Kukreti The personality who creates endless impressions by >> Read More... and even her facebook profile has their pictures together having fun in studio.

Talking about her special shows and coverage, she did exclusive shows named as Nirbhaya with families which were showed live there during Trial and judgment days. Also in the Lokpal movement, she made a special coverage from Tihar and from the India Gate protest during Anna’s arrest. She was also present at around 9:45pm on Delhi roads doing a sensitive show on Live Reality Check in which she surveyed women by asking them whether they have a feeling of security at that time of night. Also in December, 2016,views on News, declared Surbhi Bhutani as the best anchor of India TV for an event, which obviously bought India TV as a News channel, more into the eyes of public.

In demonetizing period also, removed all the rumors and broke this News, and then explained all the details of the RBI announcement lucidly for the viewers. By covering all these crucial aspects, she proved herself to be a part of active media. She is known for her behavior, which she represented while keeping the morals and values of an anchor or news reader without any compromise in her mind as well as life. She is also quite mentioned in the list of cute and glamorous female News readers on India TV as she not only reflects her sensibility and confidence, but also she is beautiful enough to become the most likable Newscaster in India. Conclusively, she has been reflecting independent women of India along with her co-anchors; Sucherita Kukreti, Anita Sharma Anita Sharma is a Hindi Film Director. She has dir >> Read More... , Archana Singh Archana Singh is the latest addition to the list o >> Read More... , Meenakshi Joshi Meenakshi Joshi is a well-known name among talente >> Read More... etc on India TV.


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