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Jose Mario Covaco was born on 28th January 1982 in Mumbai. He is the simple and strong TV anchor that we have ever seen. Before being a VJ, he was an RJ at Red FM and was still continuing with it. He cleverly managed both the post earlier. In 2008, he turned VJ for youth channel MTV. As a VJ at the radio station where he jockeyed, edited, programmed and even produced shows, he did a commendable job. He is now one of the podcasters in India. Many of those shows he had showcased in ‘Kaan Masti’ offered diverse voices that would have been hard to find on the public radio we all grew up with.

After ‘Kaan Masti’, podcasting has become an established media. In ‘Kaan Masti’ only two professional podcast host has enough clout to appear in a discussion. Kaan Masti was a weekly comedy podcast show that Jose Marico Covaco churned out with actor-comedian Suresh Menon Suresh Menon was born on 10th January 1967 in Mumb >> Read More... Suresh Menon . People loved the first season. Season -2 was also magical unicorn with excellent reporting and storytelling, through Jose and Menon’s collective and coordinated enthusiasm. Even, the third session has picked up well. It is true that podcasting will become an established medium, but none is sure whether Menon and Jose who has actively hosted podcasts show’ Kaan Masti’ will be able to retain the same magic or not.

With his participation in MTV shows, he almost became a youth icon, he even launched Tissot’s cutting-edge timepiece- T-Touch Expert Solar in Hyderabad. He did his major in Physics, and thus, he started his career as radio jockey initially, and he did not want to join MTV too either. But then when subsequent demand and good offer from MTV arose; he had no other option than to do something he could do on a channel (MTV). Occasionally, he writes books advising youths (girls and boys equally) which are again a satire in its own format. He is married and leading a happily married life. Jose had always rated podcasting as a platform is a great medium to establish him, was he right then actually? He is the face of the podcast revolution in India

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Jose Covaco, full name Jose Mario Covaco is a Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, and a YouTuber; abbreviated as RJ, VJ. Jose is born on 28 January 1982, aged 36 years as of 2018. His birthplace is Mumbai, Maharashtra. Jose’s nickname is Hoezaay which is also his twitter account name. Jose completed his schooling from St. Stanislaus School, Mumbai. After this, he enrolled in the RD National College, Bandra, Mumbai and later the Trinity College of music, London. His educational qualification denotes that he majored in physics. He also achieved a phenomenal 6th grade in music from the Trinity College of music.

Jose’s career as an RJ happened when he started interning at Red FM during the final year of his college. After which he was offered to be on air in 2002, for which he was terrified. He made his career debut on television: Video Jockey with MTV. Jose is quite infamous for his funny videos on both SnapChat and Vines where comedy and entertainment is his suite. Jose has a knack for making funny videos. He with his adorable daughter, Chloe Covaco make a lot of funny Snapchat videos and also Vines.

On Twitter, he has around 1.17 million followers. He has around 42K subscribers on YouTube. On YouTube, he has five seasons of his web series Kaan Masti watched by a large population of his admirers. The web series Kaan Masti also features the Hindi actor and comedian Suresh Menon and Cyril D’abs. The web series started in the year 2012 and has gained quite the fan following. Suresh and Jose are longtime friends and have also been colleagues some time back at the Red FM. The idea for the web series or the podcast originated back when both Jose and Suresh, former jockeys were co-hosts for the show Comedy No.1.

They used to while away a lot of their free time by engaging in funny conversations and that’s when Jose had the idea to record it. When they found a lot of their colleagues hanging out with them to listen to their funny conversations, they decided it was best to put it out there. And thus the podcast was created. The podcast features a lot of random topics ranging from the day – to – day experiences and life affairs. It is also unscripted and contains explicit and profane language. Even after gaining a lot of social media popularity and fame, radio remains his first love and, he would love to go back to being an RJ.