Shivani Tomar is well known Indian television film actress who played several roles in TV shows such as " Pavitra Rishta One of the popular Hindi serial, Pavitra Rishta Te >> Read More... Pavitra Rishta " and "Friend's Condition Apply." Shivani Tomar plays the role of Ruchita Vinod Karanjkar in the TV series "Pavitra Rishta". Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms banner produced the show. The show also features young and charming Sushant Singh Rajput Sushant Singh Rajput is one of the famous Indian t >> Read More... Sushant Singh Rajput , playing the character of Manav in the series. The show aired on Zee TV.

The show features the love story between Manav and Archana. After 18 years of their marriage, their adopted daughter Purvi played by Asha Negi Asha Negis is Indian tv actress and model, she was >> Read More... Asha Negi falls in love with Arjun, who is the son of Digvijay Kirloskar, Manav's business partner.

The story also shows Ovi falling in love with Arjun, thereby forming a love triangle. Well, the story takes numerous leaps in time, putting their granddaughter in similar circumstances. Another TV show, where Shivani made her presence felt was "Friend's: Condition Apply." The series aired on Channel V India. The series is drama-thriller in which Shakti Rai (Shivani Tomar) kidnaps her friend to make her guardian release from prison. Here in the series, Shakti suffers from anxiety disorder. Believing her parents murdered, she has only Rajneil Purohit by her side. After some years, she realizes that her parents are alive and chained in prison. She along with her friend Murli devises a dangerous plan of abducting wealthy government employee kids and asking for the release of her parents in return. As a result of all such efforts, Shakti's plan works out, but the story takes unexpected twists and turn.

Whether she will be successful in her mission forms the rest of the story.