Gunn Kansara Hindi Actress
Gunn Kanasara was born on 22 December 1982. This 32 years old Indian television actor was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She has appeared in the television screen and did her debut back in 2011 and had been active in the entertainment industry ever since. 
She has been a part of several numerous television serials and shows and had showcased some of the finest acting earning her appreciation from the viewers and critical acclamations. She was seen playing the character named Chandani in the television serial ‘ Nadaniyaan Nadaniyaan is a Hindi language TV serial that airs >> Read More... Nadaniyaan ’, Sudha Devi in the television serial ‘Sajan Ghar Jana Hai’ and has also played the character, Gehna Utkarsh Kaushik in the serial ‘Mrs. Kaushik ki Paanch Bahuein’ which is broadcasted on Zee TV.
The best performance and the character which gave Gunn Kansara her own identity and the character which gave her a small fan base was in television show ‘Naadaniyan’ which is produced by the production house Creative Eye and is being broadcasted on the channel Big One. But later Gunn Kansara moved out of the serial and was later replaced by another actress, Neeta Shetty. The apparent reason for the removal of the actress from the serial can be traced back to many disputes and difference in opinion among the actor and production house. She complained that the character Chandni did not progress in the story the way she wanted it to go. On 24 November, 2014 Gunn Kansara was replaced from the television serial and Neetha Shetty Neetha shetty is an actress and model from Mumbai. >> Read More... Neetha Shetty was introduced as the female lead character Chandani. This is apparently the second biggest casting change that has happened with the television show after the removal of Iqbal Azad The experienced actor Iqbal Azad is native to the >> Read More... Iqbal Azad and introducing Jay Prathak to the television serial.