Born in Muzzafarnagar, Uttar Pradesh in India, Kamna Chandra is an eminent screenwriter who has gained fame and success in the film industry over the past few years. Kamna is very friendly, caring and charming person. She treats everyone well and is always good to others. Her presence is so charming one can’t help but feel comfortable around her. Kamna completed her schooling from MKP Girls College in Dehradun. Kamna’s family was an impoverished one, and her mother had to sell out a part of their land to educate her children.

Kamna was extremely attached towards Dehradun and liked living there. Kamna completed her graduation from the University of Allahabad located in Allahabad, India. Kamna had a liking towards Dehradun since her school days and loved the place because of its serenity and peaceful environment. Her connection with Dehradun is known to everyone including her fans. According to Manoj Panjani, a member of the Doon Library, Kamna used to meet people hailing from Dehradun without any delay.

She never made them wait when they came to meet her all the way to Mumbai. Before reaching the pinnacle of fame, Kamna used to write drama for the radio, All India Radio. When Kamna got to know about the lack of brilliant screenwriters in the film industry, she decided to meet Raj Kapoor. What happened after meeting Raj Kapoor is history. Kamna wrote the first film story for Raj Kapoor’s film, Prem Rog. Prem Rog released in the year 1982, and stars like Rishi Kapoor and Padmini Kohlapure played the main roles in this movie.

Prem Rog narrated the tale of a man who falls for a woman who is both a high-born and a widow. This film received a lot of positive reviews and appreciation. In the year 1989, Kamna went ahead to write the movie, ‘ Chandni’. Chandni revolved around the story of Chandni and Rohit and the obstacles in their love life. This film was the most profitable movie of the year 1989. Kamna penned down the storyline of a TV serial, ‘ Kashish’, which used to air on Doordarshan channel.

It was also a romantic TV serial in which Malvika Tiwari and Sudesh Berry were in the prominent roles. After that, Kamna came up with another plot of the movies like 1942: A Love Story and ‘ Kareeb’. Both received critical praise and good response from the audience.

Kamna tied the knot with Navin Chandra in the year 1953. They are the proud parents of Tanuja Chandra, Anupama Chopra, and Vikram Chandra.

Jainesh Ejardar Hindi Actor

Jainesh Ejardar

Jainesh Ejardar is a well-known story writer. He is known for his work in various daily soaps. He is a very accomplished writer and has vast experience in the field of writing. His early work was in 2003-04 when he wrote for the TV series Kasautii Zindagi Ki. He was a widely acknowledged in the Balaji Telefilms and did lots of writing work for them. He later worked as a writer in KKusum which lasted for more than 1000 episodes and made him popular. He describes himself as a Storyteller, who writes; he has done various work in the field of Screen writing, Copy writing, advertising, Promo writing, Designing and also SEO article writing. He is a dedicated personality always promising to be at work first. He always strives to discover various other dynamic and out of the box ways of storytelling. He has various accounts, helping people reach his work such as on Issuu and Stage 32. He likes to share his work and has earned many praises from various great celebrities. He also wrote a book on Bhagavad Gita and Music theory. His work has astonished many and also was awarded the opportunity to write a movie. The screenplay of the movie Xpose was written by Jainesh. The movie wasn’t a hit at box office, but he gained quite the attention. He is rewarded as an Expert Author by Ezine Articles for his writing skills. He has a keen eye in conceptualizing an Ad, Web content writing, and filmmaking. He believes he can write a great novel someday. His journey from small screen to the big picture was not the best, but he depicts it to be satisfying and extremely fulfilling. He shows the skills to become a successful writer in the future and will withstand the role of writer and continue to work hard in life.


Manav Kaushik

Manav Kaushik was born in a small town near Delhi on September 22, he is an acclaimed actor, scriptwriter and has been an assistant director in 1942: A Love Story. He is well known for the role he played of Surendra Kaptaan in the film Omkara. Being the youngest and the brightest among the three sons, Manav received National Scholarship while completing his basic education in Sonipat, he shifted to Delhi and took admission in Delhi University. While studying, he actively participated in various debating and poetry competitions and hosted radio shows for All India Radio (A.I.R). 1983, the pivotal year in his life, he went to Switzerland and completed Post Graduation in Hospitality Management and worked in Horgen, close to Zurich. After returning from Switzerland, he joined India's prestigious educational institution Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi Chapter, to establish School of Hospitality Management and Tourism and served as the Course Director of the same for four years until the year 1990. While his tenure at the Institute, he was introduced to the Bollywood while making short films for the school, and then he finally took a step to realise his dreams to become a storyteller by shifting from Delhi to Mumbai. After nine months of struggle he met famous Indian director and producer Mr. Vidhu Vinod Chopra and joined him as a trainee and soon became the Assistant Director of one of the landmark films of India, 1942: A Love Story. He then started his acting career with the movie Kareeb with a small role but was appreciated for his role of Ram Kumar in the movie. After that Manav Kaushik has done various roles in Bollywood, most of which came in Vishal Bharadwaj’s films, namely Maqbool, Omkara and Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola. Manav has also written the script for the famous Hindi TV show, Chitrahaar. Manav Kaushik worked as researcher and scriptwriter for more than 400 films and TV shows; he has contributed to Indian cinema in all the facets which also includes holding film based workshops and working as a 'script doctor' for various film projects and is married to Sandhya Gokhale since 27th April 1986. Some lines were written by Manav: “I constantly wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more precise. I knew that I was a gifted fool, but then nothing in me was foolproof. And I gathered one thing in this Mumbai city of celluloid imaginings that if at the outset you do not achieve something, wipe out all substantiation that you have attempted. Ultimately I got the golden opportunity and got a break when I told this specific director that “thieving ideas from one person is plagiarism, but stealing from many is exploration.” And before I could become conscious I had already become the part of so-called Bollywood. “

Manav Kaushik Hindi Actor