Jainesh Ejardar is a well-known story writer. He is known for his work in various daily soaps. He is a very accomplished writer and has vast experience in the field of writing. His early work was in 2003-04 when he wrote for the TV series Kasautii Zindagi Ki. He was a widely acknowledged in the Balaji Telefilms and did lots of writing work for them. He later worked as a writer in KKusum which lasted for more than 1000 episodes and made him popular. He describes himself as a Storyteller, who writes; he has done various work in the field of Screen writing, Copy writing, advertising, Promo writing, Designing and also SEO article writing. He is a dedicated personality always promising to be at work first. He always strives to discover various other dynamic and out of the box ways of storytelling.

He has various accounts, helping people reach his work such as on Issuu and Stage 32. He likes to share his work and has earned many praises from various great celebrities. He also wrote a book on Bhagavad Gita and Music theory. His work has astonished many and also was awarded the opportunity to write a movie. The screenplay of the movie Xpose was written by Jainesh. The movie wasn’t a hit at box office, but he gained quite the attention. He is rewarded as an Expert Author by Ezine Articles for his writing skills. He has a keen eye in conceptualizing an Ad, Web content writing, and filmmaking. He believes he can write a great novel someday. His journey from small screen to the big picture was not the best, but he depicts it to be satisfying and extremely fulfilling.

He shows the skills to become a successful writer in the future and will withstand the role of writer and continue to work hard in life.