Amit Chheda is an Indian film producer who mainly works in the Hindi film industry. He did his schooling at C.N. high school from the year 1977 to 1984 and done his graduation ( at Mumbai University from the year 1988 to 1991. Amit works as the Business Development Manager of Shethia Audio Video Pvt Ltd from November 1996 to March 2001, he works as a CEO in Shethia Audio Video Pvt Ltd from March 2001. Amit chheda entered into the entertainment and media field in his earlier age. He produced many television series and animation films. Amit chheda also makes and distributes the Television Programs, documentary films and short films. He worked in the movies such as, and Road to Sangam.

His film Road to Sangam released in the year 2010 had directed by Amit Rai, Om Puri acts in the role as Mohammed Ali Kasuri. The story of the film was about a God-fearing Mechanic who belongs to Muslim religion has repaired the old Ford engine without knowing its historical importance. That car carried the Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes once and submerged in the river Sangam. This film had screened at many film festivals in the world. This film got many international awards. It received the Audience Choice award at Mami Film Festival and London Indian Film Festival, this film got star screen award and nominated in Film Fare.

His film Aashiqui released in the year 2011, directed by Shankhadeep, Ishaan Manhaas plays in the role of Cyrus, Ankit Shrivastava performs in the role of April, Dheeraj Miglani, Tiya Gandwani, Shubhi Ahuja, Deepan Shah, Sharmila Joshi and Priti Gandwani acts in this film, produced by Amit Chheda and Shashikant Chheda, music composed by Nitin Kumar Gupta and Prem Hariya, and lyrics by Taufeeq Paal. This film has taken on a comedy romance genre. The story of the movie spin around two characters named Cyrus and April. The two used to chat online continuously, then they become friends, and never reveal the original identities of them. After some time they decide to meet. April identifies the Cyrus, but Cyrus couldn’t notice April. April feels that Cyrus has best for her, she tries to hide from Cyrus because she had a fear of rejection. Cyrus searches for her everywhere.