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Dheeraj Sen Hindi Actor

Dheeraj Sen

Dheeraj Sen has composed music for Tan Mann Aur Dhan (TMAD). Directors or music directors of this kind of films have a mediocre track record with negligible past box office run. As the title and other credits appeared at the beginning of the movie, the composition of the music looked like movie Dhoom, few girls dancing but it had no such electrifying magic. While Neha had sung the item songs and Pravina, Simran and Rohit sang the title song. There was no much scope for good songs. The music does no electrifying spell as the dancer in one song danced provocatively. There were many major sex scenes with many characters getting involved in and the camera zoomed back and forth with background score. A background song ‘Jo ho raha hai dil me’ hardly makes any impact in the ears of cinema viewers. We all know Bollywood is known for making larger than life contents that are said to be B-grade movies. However, B-grade movies have always been in the news and many wannabe actors have paved their way to popularity with such films. The director and the music director in the movie have just expressed their wildest fantasies through these films. Such films are all about sex and sleaze and then they do not follow any rule. Whatever may these bold films get really creative with their titles as ‘Tan Mann Aur Dhan( TMAD), but creativity lacks. However, the actor manages to steal the show with beautiful look and rich-costumes. However, there are one or two melody tunes in the movie.