Tarana Marwah is a composer, pianist, singer, philanthropist and a budding musician, who hails from the capital of India, New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi . She's been a part of Delhi based music bands, Tankbund and River. She writes and performs as Komorebi and has released her debut full-length album Soliloquy.She grew up in Canada during her initial 12 years.

She learnt keyboard and is a classically trained playernow. After moving to Delhi, she learned jazz and discovered the joys of electronic music in college. Her father, who played Harmonium and Tabla, introduced her to classic rock and old Bollywood music.

She is graced by the music vision, which is complemented by a combination of art and fashion. The 23 years old is probably a part of the blooming unconventional music sensation of India, who self-produce their off-beat downtempo electronica.

She usually performs live with drummer Suyash Gabriel. She had her debut EP in 2015, which was successful in impressing the critics. Recently, she worked on a song with Gaurav Raina (one of the pioneers behind MIDIval Punditz), called Dream,in which she gave the vocals.

She was also a part of the production. She has learned much of production just by observing Rohan Ramanna's work, who was involved in the mixing of her debut album. This skilled songwriter obsesses her art and welcomes herself in exploring her curiosity towards the sonic form of art.

She is influenced by the music of Björk, Imogen Heap Imogen Heap is a British Songwriter and Singer. He >> Read More... Imogen Heap , and Grimes. Through Soliloquy, her debut music album, she has presented a refined version of herself. She wrote the music, produced it on her own, and had sung and performed on the album.

It revolves around the theme of Candyland. Soliloquy is electronic minimalist music based on Japanese animation, in accord with her obsession with Japan. The name Komorebi is itself derived from there, meaning the sunlight which filters through trees in Japanese.

Recorded at the Cotton Press Studio in Mumbai, Soliloquy is an ambitious work of art, which amalgamates the different forms of art into a sonic vision. In her recent interview, Marwah said "What can you do right now that’s different from what you’ve done in the past.

You have to evolve. You can’t stay in one place. So, I thought of adding different elements of art. I thought maybe I could enhance the viewer’s perception through that." She provides an identity to her music as she sings about her life and her family.

She has addressed the opener of Soliloquy, Little One, to her younger brother. The concept behind Soliloquy is hers, and she has collaborated with artists who can amplify her vision. Bass wizard Mohini Dey and guitar paragon Warren Mendonsa (aka Blackstratblues) have their performances featured in the songs of the album.

She says she believes in meeting new people who know what they are doing so that she can learn from them and build a path for herself. Soliloquy has got a structured approach towards writing and contains a focus on the voice and the lyrics.

T arana says "It's everything that's ever happened to me." She has been working on theme based outfits with her friend Pakhi Sen, a 23 year old talented artist and an entrepreneur. They also performed photoshoots to accompany them.

She has worked on visuals and performed gigs in cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Udaipur for her Candyland tour. Sheis into expanding the scope of her live performances with Suyash. She's a full-time musician assisting herself throughout the day and finds it onerous to keep up with a structured routine.

She says that she doesn't have a boss telling her what to do.So, she has to guide herself throughout her way. She believes it's a part of success when you wake up with energy every day. Tarana believes in herself and quotes that "If you’re trying to build a personality on stage, if you want people to relate to it, to like it or dislike it, whatever it is, you have to be something.

You have to have an identity." Recently at TEDx talks, she moved the audiences with her saying that 'If you want to be unique and stand out and win an identity, you have to be so impeccable that the form adapts itself to you.'