Riya Kothari is a budding Bollywood actress who is a rare combination of beauty and talent. In Bollywood, one’s vision has become an asset. Today actresses are no longer cast by looks but are chosen based on their abilities. That is why a talented actor of bad looks can be a part of the current mainstream Bollywood movies. She made her debut in the movie ' Time Out Click to look into! >> Read More... Time Out ' which is directed by Nikhil Bahadur. The film had many newcomers who did a brilliant job.

It was a film to prove that present generation of actors takes acting seriously. They are all sharp in talent and such movies like 'Time Out' proves that actors like Riya Kothari are too willing to develop her craft and, build the character shot-by-shot. While writing about this actor Riya Kothari, one can only say that this actor just portrays a character in performance. She has acted in traditional medium theatres, modern medium theatres, and short films.

Riya played the role of Tanvi. All the characters were school students. The bunch of guys enjoys playing drums and she plays the guitar. Chirag is in love with Riya. There are a lot of emotions in the friend's circle. She appeared in the song ‘Hudrangi’. This actress is more suitable for short films, TV serials and can play any supporting character with ease.