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Sheena Shahabadi

Other names of Sheena Shahabadi: Sheena
Hindi Movie Actress Sheena Shahabadi

Sheena Shahabadi or Sheena was born on 10thApril1986 and got raised up in India’s financial capital, Mumbai. She is daughter of Bollywood actress Sadhana Singh Sadhana Singh is a veteran, talented and senior ac >> Read More... , who is known for her role in the film, Nadiya  Ke Paar released in the year 1982. Her father is a Bhojpuri film producer. Sheena was very ambitious about her acting from young days; maybe it was due to her mother’s influence. She took acting as a serious career in her mid-teens, and also finished a course in acting.

Sheena started doing modeling after completing her education. For the role of “ Mahi Mahi, also known as Rimpy Kaur, is an Actress in t >> Read More... ” in Tere Sang, she got selected from 500 girls. Then she started working in Kannada and Telugu films and made a return to Bollywood by I,Me, aur Main. In the year2013, she acted in a Bollywood film titled “ Raqt Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, in which she played a role of an adopted daughter who is possessive about her mother, willing to do anything for her. Her few more films are Fast Forward, I, Me, Aur Main, Action 3D, Bindaas, Rajadhani and more.

Sheena got married to Vaibhav Mohite who is the son of a policeman, and later got divorced. She claims that, the biggest blunder of her life is her marriage. She said the acting course that she took before entering into the film industry helped her a lot in discovering herself. Her role model and life mentor is her mother, who is always there to support her in up’s and down’s in life. She believes her strength in acting is her mother and she can perform a romantic emotional role effortlessly. She learned dancing from Ganesh Acharya Ganesh Acharya is an Indian choreographer, who is >> Read More... and Shaimak Davar. 


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