At the outset let s give credit to this movie for dealing with a subject which is not handled with the required earnestness in other films. Plot: Your older si

Time Out Movie Review

Time Out Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Time Out"
Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 25-09-2015
Genre: Drama, Musical, Family
3 / 5.0

At the outset let’s give credit to this movie for dealing with a subject which is not handled with the required earnestness in other films. 

Plot: Your older sibling prefers boys over girls. What will you do? Such a story calls for great maturity and this one has handled that quite well. There are certain aspects which are thrown into the light, frankly in this film. This current generation is changing and the family dynamics are also seeing a transformation. In this westernized society, it is not outlandish for teenage dating in India. Efforts (the parents) could have been taken to see it in this perspective. Kudos to the director for telling things in a straight-forward manner. The director, Rikhil Bahadur Rikhil Bahadur is a director and writer in Indian >> Read More... Rikhil Bahadur , however, became over excited, and sometimes struggles to showcase the coming of age concept.

Chirag shares a very good bond with his elder sibling Pranay. He in fact treats him as his role model, but is shocked to learn that his brother is a gay. Chirag is surely grown up in an open-minded ambience, but he is unable to digest that his brother is a gay. So you would have realized by now that this film is a coming of age one. Such a genuine topic should be really applauded. This film is indeed nostalgic for all the crushes we had in our school days, our competence in sports and the rapport with buddies. 

This film nicely showcases the importance of sports in a boy’s life. Though the first half is formula-typed, the second half does what the first half failed. How Pranay’s coming out of his shell is portrayed beautifully. Something should be added to keep the movie going and hence basketball games., music contests are inserted. The bond between Chirag and Pranay and the transformation that takes place is shown proficiently. As a third person you may voice your opinion for homosexuality, but when it is your own brother what will you do? The parents’ role should have been molded nicely, but the writers falter in this. Chirag does a commendable work as a 14-year old brother. Pranay is a correct fit for the role of gay. Kaamya Sharma Kaamya Sharma is an Indian actress, known for her >> Read More... Kaamya Sharma is the perfect choice for her role. Rikhil Bahadur wanted to hit the bull’s eyes, but with too many matters to say, stumbles sometimes. Certain sequences are not necessary at all in the film.

Verdict: Story and performances are good, but it could have been much better. Owing to the subtleness of the time, the expectations would be surely high.