Sonya Rizvi, also known as Sonya Jehan, was born on 24th April 1980, in Karachi, Pakistan. Sonya was born to the Rizvi-Jehan family. Sonya is the granddaughter of Noor Jehan Noor Jehan is a singer of two countries India and >> Read More... Noor Jehan and Shaukat Hussain Rizvi Shaukat Hussain Rizvi was an actor, producer, and >> Read More... Shaukat Hussain Rizvi . She got married to Vivek Narain, who is a banker. Vivek happens to be of Indian nationality. Sonya is a Pakistan-based actress who has worked in both Pakistan Film Industry and the Indian Film Industry. Sonya also owns a French Restaurant, named Café Flo, located in Karachi. Sonya was born and brought up in Lahore, Pakistan. Sonya’s mother, Florence Rizvi, was from France, and father, Akbar Hussain Rizvi, Pakistani. Her original name happens to be Sonya Rizvi, but she changed her surname to Jehan in fond memory of her grandmother, Noor Jehan, who was a singer. Sikander Rizvi is her brother, who is an actor, and her grandfather, Shaukat Hussain Rizvi was a producer. She happens to be the niece of the singer Zille Huma, and actor Ahmed Ali Butt is her cousin brother.

She is known to have filmography in her genes. Sonya had her O-levels education from Centre of Advanced Studies and her A-levels from the Lyceum School. She has her degree in design from the famous Central St Martins College of Art and Design. Jehan is known for her acting in the Hollywood as well as in the Bollywood. She made her Bollywood debut with Taj Mahal, a historical romantic flick, opposite Kabir Bedi Kabir Bedi is well known Indian television and fil >> Read More... Kabir Bedi , with the role of Mumtaz Mahal. Her performance was appreciated by both the audience and the film critics. Her second one being Khoya Khoya Chand Khoya Khoya Chand is a love story of a sincere, ob >> Read More... Khoya Khoya Chand , opposite Shiney Ahuja Shiney Ahuja was born on May 15, 1975, to Suraj Pr >> Read More... Shiney Ahuja . The movie had the 1950s backdrop which served to be a minor hit in the box office. Karan Johar’s blockbuster, My Name Is Khan, gave her the best platform and was a major hit on the silver screen making it the highest earning movie that year. Sonya made her Hollywood debut in the film The Reluctant Fundamentalist, a political thriller, with Kate Hudson Kate Hudson is an American actress who is the daug >> Read More... Kate Hudson and Meesha Shafi Meesha Shafi is a multi-talented actress, singer , >> Read More... Meesha Shafi and was based on Mohsin Hamid’s novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist. The movie was a huge success, and her piece was praised by many.