Shikha Joshi Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 01-04-1976
  • Date of death: 16-05-2015
  • Star Sign : Aries

Shikha Joshi was a very talented Bollywood actress who was unfortunate and could not make it big in the entertainment industry. The 40-year-old actress was last seen in the movie BA Pass directed by Ajay Bahl If there is any director who drew the attention of >> Read More... Ajay Bahl . The movie won the national award. The depressed actress committed suicide if the controversial reports have any validity. She was discovered in her friend's bathroom with her throat slit ON May 16.

She was struggling in the industry with no recent films in her kitty. She is survived by her 19-year-old daughter and her husband lives in the US. She has been in the marital relationship twice, her first husband died some time back. She had tried her luck in TV shows playing small roles but it failed to provide the consistent income. She was also into politics, she was a supporter of Aam Admi Party (AAP).

The film BA Pass is based on the short story, ‘The Railway Aunty’ by Mohan Sikka. After the death of his parents Mukesh, a high school senior is under the protection of his aunt according to his grandfather’s instruction. He is very much unhappy about his plight he gets no pocket money for his needs and worried about his sisters who were stuck at a girl home.

He befriends Johny a graveyard undertaker, who is waiting for enough money to go to Mauritius where he has a brother. He gets to meet his neighbour Sarika aunty. Sarika aunty attracted to his youth seduces him and pays for the services. Mukesh becomes a male prostitute by rendering services to many other aunties. He is thrown out by his aunt as he was caught red-handed with Sarika aunty.

Mukesh takes refuge in Johny’s house. Sarika refused to pay him the money she owed and discouraged his earlier clients. By the time his sisters were also suffering desperately for money he started selling his body to even male customers. He feels cheated by Sarika the cause of his ruin.

He marches to her house and demands for money to which she replied that she had already given it to Johny. Sarika’s husband reaches home and finds the door locked suspecting adultery he threatens Sarika. The tragedy ends with the death of Sarika in the hands of Mukesh and he dies jumping from the balcony being chased by the police.