If there is any director who drew the attention of the audience and especially critics, and who arose curiosity about his whereabouts and plans, he is none other than the single movie yet a magnum opus creator Ajay Bahl. With his one movie BA Pass, he got a huge fan base and recognition in the ever exploring Bollywood. He is a very soft natured guy with a different flair in the film industry. BA Pass is a movie which is a short story adaptation of The Railway Aunty. The major stars in BA Pass were Shilpa Shukla Shilpa Shukla came into the limelight for her role >> Read More... Shilpa Shukla , Shabab Kamal, etc. This movie has a wonderful plotline. This movie starts with a sad incident of the protagonist's father and soon, in search of money, an aunt makes the protagonist into a prostitute.

The entire story is about how everyone around the main character betrays him and how the things go out of his hands. Finally, the protagonist commits suicide. The best screenplay is also an added point for the plotline. Ajay Bahl worked as a director, producer and cinematographer for this movie. Though BA Pass movie appeared on the screens on August 2, 2013, it was premiered much earlier in 2012 at Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asia and Arab Cinema. This cinema has mesmerized the audience there. BA Pass won the Best Film Award in India Competition.

The actor Shabab Kamal received the Best Actor Award. Apart from this, the movie received The Prix Du Public Prize in South Asian Film Festival that happened in January 2013. Talking about his personal life, rumors go around the internet stating that Shilpa Shukla is in a relationship with Ajay Bahl. However, both of them haven't yet confirmed their relationship status. His plans are going to be the working for the next films. He got ready the script and Tobias titled Story. It portrays the life of a crime journalist. All in all, he got his prominent place in Bollywood with his movie.