Other names of Bindu: Bindu Desai
Birthday: 17-01-1951
Age: 68
Star sign: Aquarius

Glam Queen of 70's, Bindu was born to Gujarati parents on 17 Jan 1951 in Valsad district of Gujarat. When she was only 13 years of age, she underwent a tragedy as her father passed away. Being eldest, she took up the responsibility of the family and started to earn for the family. She started her career in films from a young age of 11 appearing in the blockbuster film “Anpadh”. She has acted in almost 160 films in her career span of 4 decades. In 1969, she did two blockbuster films with Rajesh Khanna Ittefaq” and “Do Raaste” that made her one of the best actress of 70s.

Bindu was the most attractive in the Bollywood house of glamorous item girls of her times including Hema Malini and Helen of the 70s. She did a sizzling dance in “Kati Patang” for which she is even remembered now. Bindu proved her acting skills in films like “Arjun Pandit” and “Abhiman”. Apart from being seductive queen she still today is remembered as Mona Darling of “ Zanjeer” which was another blockbuster with Amitabh Bachchan.

As she was tall, she was paired with Amitabh and Rajesh Khanna most of the times. After a certain gap, she has again appeared in bollywood films playing roles like nasty aunts and doing item numbers in “ Hero”, “Biwi Ho to Aisi”, and “Krishan Kanhaiya”. She also appeared in latest movies " Om Shanti Om" (2007) and " Mehbooba" (2008). She got married to Champaklal Zaveri, who did his job perfectly of being a husband and always supported and encouraged her to continue to contribute to Indian cinema. Many times he was seen managing her productions.

Bindu is a dancer, an attractive woman, a singer, but above all - an excellent actress.


Another Version of this story…

Bindu is an Indian Actress, who captured every heart in the 1970’s.She was born on the 17th of April 1951. Her charming personality and her unique persona blew away a million hearts. She was born at Valsad in Gujarat to the famous producer Mr. Nanubha Desai. But she was not fortunate to experience the luxuries then, as her father died when she was just 3. Destiny brought her a bag full of responsibilities with the loss of her father. As she was the eldest and so had to wear the pants in the house and earn for their living.

Her debut was with the movie “Anpadh” released in the year 1961 n which Bindu played a character of a beautiful and ever blissful college graduate girl. It is a romantic drama movie with Dharmendra and Mala Sinha as the lead roles. She came into limelight with her two pictures released in the year 1969, “Ittefaq” and “Do Raaste” namely.

“Ittefaq” was directed by the magnificent director Yash Chopra and was produced by B.R. Chopra. The film starred Rajesh Khanna, Nanda and Madan Puri as the lead characters in the movie. It was able to collect a good amount at the box office.

“Do Raaste” released on the 5th of December 1969 is a Bollywood spicy Drama starring Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz, Prem Chopra in the lead role. Bindu played the character of Neela Allopee Prasad.

The actress had success following her with her movie “Katti Patang” released in the year 1970 directed by Shakti Samanta starring Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh and Bindu in the lead role. Her sizzling dance number in which she performed Cabaret called Mera Naam Shabnam gathered a lot of applauses and praises for her. This song is still remembered for her mindblowing performance.

Bindu was seen in a bold character in the movie “Imtehaan” directed by Harry Baweja starring Sunny Deol, Saif Ali Khan and Raveena Tandon in the lead. The movie was released on 11th of March 1994.Another movie was “Hawas” where she played a bold character again. The film was released in 1974 starring Anil Dhawan, Vinod Mehra, Neetu Singh and Bindu in the lead. Bindu had some hits year after year, and she broke the myth that married women cannot act in the films. She has made to the honest praise section of the item number divas such as Helen and Aruna Irani.

Her skills were brought to spotlight in movies like “Arjun Pandit”, “ Abhimaan”. Arjun Pandit is a Bollywood Action thrill starring Sunny Deol and Juhi Chawla in the lead.

Mona Darling of “Zanjeer” is none other than Bindu. We wish Mona Darling a great future.



Bijoya Ray Hindi Actress

Bijoya Ray

Born in April 1917 and died in June 2015; this journey of 98 years had been a noble one for Bijoya Ray. She was the wife of Satyajit Ray, a famous and Oscar-winning filmmaker of the Indian cinema. She tried her hand in a few films namely Shesh Raksha (1944), Mashaal (1950) and Rajani. All these films were not able to bring out the impact, and so these were the only three on her list. She even gave a playback in Shesh Raksha. She was the daughter of Charu Chandra Das and Madhuri Devi. They had four daughters, and Bijoya was the youngest of them. Her father, Charuchandra Das was a noted barrister; after his death in 1931, Bijoya was the responsibility of her uncle, Prashant Das’s joint family who lived in Calcutta. There she completed her education from Jogamaya Devi College (affiliated to the University of Calcutta). She had a fabulous voice and was even trained in Rabindra Sangeet, Indian classical and semi-classical music. Her father was always proud of her and wanted Bijoya to go Paris to get mastered in western classical music and soprano. Her elder sister, Sati Devi was a singer and a music exponent and had worked with Uday Shankar. Her son, Sandip Ray is also a well-known film-maker and her daughter, Ruma Guha Thakurta who was previously married Kishore Kumar is a famous name in acting and music world. During her college days, she met her soulmate Satyajit, who was also her first cousin. Her love story was no less than typical Bollywood movie. Satyajit and Bijoya had a lot of age difference and were obviously close relatives, and so their marriage was not possible. But they were deeply in love and were together for eight years relationship. And eventually, they decided to get married on October 20, 1949 but did not inform anyone about the wedding. Soon after, Satyajit declared that he won’t marry anyone but Bijoya. Their families were now left with no other choice but to agree. After Satyajeet’s death in 1992, she wrote three books. The most successful one was “Manik and I” published in 2012. It talked about the journey of her life with Satyajit and also about their love story.


Bridgette Irani

Bridgette Irani is an Indian Bollywood newcomer actress who had a movie debut and is further in trusted in building her career in the industry. She always felt like that she wanted to contribute and be a part of the industry during her childhood days. She used to take parts in theater and drama shows during her graduation level and when she finally got a chance to feature in a movie and her film got released in the year 2014. She was born on 1st January in India. After completing her school and graduation she came to Mumbai, India to try her hands on acting and became a very remarkable one. She got an offer for the film in the year 2014 called 18.11: A code of secrecy. People started recognizing her after her debut movie, and she began getting many modeling and acting offers from the fashion designers and executive directors. Her first debut film got released on 13th June 2014, it was an Indian Bollywood film directed and controlled by Md. Mohibul Haque and production was under Begum Merina Haque. Md who had also written the story. She performed a lead role in the movie, and her character name was Suhana. The other actors starred are Rehal Khan, Gulshan Grover, Prem Chopra, Nipon Goswami, Muskesh Tiwari, Asrani, Sameer Ali Khan, Sujata Khounnd, Joshizul, Jishan Khan, Raja Borbhuyan, and Suraj Kumar Kalita. The music composer of the movie was Jaan Nissar Lone and the lyrics written by Tanveer Ghazi and Sahil Fatehpuri. The motion picture was made under the banner of Ultimate Pictures Pvt. Ltd. The movie though was not a great hit at the box office but its songs were adored by the Indian audience. The motion pictures songs were Andhi Mera Yaar Thanedaar, Eagle Sa Ego Hai, Allah Teri Kya Shaan Hai, Jaisi Rafter Hai, and Yeh Zameen. Bridgette Irani has put a lot of efforts and with full dedication to understanding her character and got into it. She did a tremendous job in the motion picture and as a result, she’s now getting many offers from the producers. The film was not a hit though later the critics commented that the actors performed very well in the movie. The Indian audience and critics enjoyed watching it and watching her performed so well. She considers herself workaholics and likes to indulge in work every time. She is dedicated and very hardworking towards her work. 

Bridgette Irani Hindi Actress