Om Shanti Om revolves around Om Prakash Makhija, portrayed in this film by Shah Rukh Khan; he is a Bollywood junior artist whose dream is to become a star and m

Om Shanti Om Movie Review

Om Shanti Om Movie Review Hindi
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Review for the film " Om Shanti Om"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 50 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 09-11-2007
3.75 / 5.0

Om Shanti Om Click to look into! >> Read More... Om Shanti Om revolves around Om Prakash Makhija, portrayed in this film by Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... Shah Rukh Khan ; he is a Bollywood junior artist whose dream is to become a star and marry the girl of his dreams, actress Shantipriya played by DeepikaPadukone. He thinks his hopes are turning into reality when she ends up in some danger, and he saves her and, in turn, spends some time with her. However, he realizes that she is married to film producer Mukesh Mehra, who is played by Arjun Rampal Amit Rampal is an Indian Actor, Host, Producer and >> Read More... Arjun Rampal , and is pregnant with his child. Mukesh attempts to murder Shanti by setting a studio on fire, and despite Om’s effort to save her they both end up dying. Three decades later, we see that Om Prakash Makhija has in his second life become Om Kapoor, the son of a yesteryear Bollywood star and is a superstar himself. He meets his mother from his previous life by chance, and this sparks the return of his memories of his past life. In a bid to make Mukesh confess and pay for his sins, Om undertakes a film project named 'Om Shanti Om' with a Shanti lookalike as the female lead. The story centers on Om’s attempt to take revenge on Mukesh and the many threats and obstacles he faces.


This movie has all of Farah Khan Farah Khan is an Indian film actress, producer, di >> Read More... Farah Khan ’s trademarks, and she sets out to entertain and achieves that in an admirable fashion. The whole movie plays out as a tribute to Bollywood and its culture, and this makes for an entertaining ride that is never dull. There are references and inside jokes that play out impeccably, and the song sequences and set pieces are a visual treat. Strong performances from the main leads also go a long way in making this movie an entertaining affair.


Farah Khan is clearly an SRK fan, and this movie is a tribute to him as much as it is to Bollywood. In this film, we get to witness the first male item number Dard-e-disco where Shah Rukh Khan is showcased in all his six-pack glory. But that aside, he delivers a solid performance and makes you root for him till the end. DeepikaPadukone is beautiful, and her portrayal of Shanti is haunting. Arjun Rampal is the suave dashing villain who you cannot help but hate.


It is a complete masala Bollywood experience that plays out as a tribute to the industry.
This movie is a treat for Shah Rukh Khan fans as it is a complete Shah Rukh show.
The beautiful song sequences are worth watching on the big screen.
The chemistry between SRK and Deepika is stunning in the first half.
The Om Shanti Om song sequence with all the star guest appearances.


Some of the jokes are not in good taste though it might work with the mass audience
The duration of the movie could have been cut down to keep it crisp.


Om Shanti Om is one of those purely entertaining movies that you watch to experience the magic of Bollywood. It is a complete tribute to the biggest film industry in the country and is a must watch for any SRK fan.