Hindi Dancer ( 0 - 12 )

Binadin Maharaj

Ishpreet Dang

Aisha Siddiqui

Srishti Shukla


Dancers Are Passionate On Dance

A dancer is a person who dances or performs different dance styles. There are both male and female dancers. Dancers express stories and ideas through various movements of different parts of the body in their dance performances for films or tv shows. Most dancers start at a young age and put a lot of hours practicing in perfecting dance moves and learning new dance styles and elaborate moves. There are many styles of dances such as jazz, jive, hip hop, salsa, ballroom, free styles etc.

Some dancers may be professionals in just one form of dance while others may be professionals in more than one form. Dancers in the film industry usually start their careers as background dancers in dance numbers in movies and dance numbers for award functions. Dancers also choreograph dances for dance sequences in movies or in music videos. Many dancers get their big break through various reality shows and talent hunts based on dancing. Some professional dancers also open dance academies to teach people to dance.