Santosh Sawant is a singer, actor, lyricist and composer. He is from a small town Aurangabad. He was born on 21st September 1977. He got his early education from Deogiri College, Aurangabad and was born in Ratnagiri. His career started in a very different way. One of his friends posted his voice demonstration of YouTube in 2009. After listening to his voice, T-Series offered him a recording contract. His first album ‘Voice of Heart’ released on 13th February 2011. Everybody accepted and appreciated this album. He sang the song ‘Dil Ki Awaaz Hai’ was a song from the album ‘Voice of Heart’ and was a super hit song. This song helped his career to move forward at a greater pace. Santosh Sawant, a film-maker, and music composer is a big supporter of Folk music. He appealed to the BJP government in Maharashtra to save Folk singers who are struggling for bread.

He grew up in an area where people were not aware of modern music and here folk music, folk dances and folk plays were the only source of entertainment. He is also known as ‘Pawa’, which means flute in Marathi. His performances at ‘Jalsa Fair’ earned him the nickname. He was an engineer and came to Mumbai for further education. However he stayed there and decided to change his life. Although he had a well-paying job in the field of machinery export but his passion for music always kept him on the toe. He was born in the idyllic Kolisare. This place has green hills on one side and beaches on the other. He in recent times launched a music band known as ‘Smiling Soul- Music for Social Change’. In this promotional song for the band, Big Boss Fame actress ‘ Sara Khan Sara Khan is a popular Indian TV actress. She won >> Read More... Sara Khan ’ worked. The song was ‘Huzure-Ala’ and composed by Santosh Sawant.

This is an Indy folk and African fusion Hindi song and became an immense hit among the youth. Singers like Anup Jalota Anuj Jalota is a very popular singer, and he sings >> Read More... Anup Jalota , Bhupendra Singh, Aashka Garodia, Geeta Khatri and others were present at the launch. Sawant also produced a movie known as ‘Jhamela’. It revolves around his personal experiences. It was an art film based on the life and struggle of a folk singer. He wished to showcase his work ‘Jhamela’ at international level before releasing it in India. Despite his hopes for Jhamela, it was an unsuccessful work. He was not welcomed by the Bollywood, blaming his non-mainstream approach. He also claims to have an acting degree from London. Sawant used Harmonium and Dholkion the stage while presenting his movie. This talented all-rounder who believes that Bollywood should not neglect folk singers is a person with all the virtues. He is working to improve the status of folk singers. He is a talented and hard working person who has a long way to go.