Mahaakshay Chakraborty

Other names of Mahaakshay Chakraborty: Mimoh, Mimoh Chakraborty
Birthday: 30-07-1984
Age: 34
Star sign: Leo

Mahaakshay Chakraborty is an Indian Bollywood film actor. His family and friends affectionately call him as ‘Mimoh.’ She is the son of veteran actor and superstar MithunChakraborty and Yogeeta Bali. He was born on 30th July 1984 in Mumbai. His paternal roots are from Bengal. Until fourth grade, he studied at Mumbai’s Learner Academy and later shifted to Ooty to complete his high school. He completed his four-week crash course in kickboxing, dancing and acting from LA. Apart from his in acting, Mimoh has also completed lesser known courses in astronomy, astro biology, and mixed martial arts. He signed a contact with Venus Films in 2004, and he was to make a debut in 2005, but things didn’t work out. He delayed his debut by nearly three years.

It was only in 2008 that he found his way into the industry. He made his first appearance on-screen with ‘ Jimmy’ opposite Rati Agnihotri in 2008. He portrayed the character of a DJ, who is accused of her girlfriend’s murder. The film was not able to draw viewers into the cinemas, but Mimoh’s acting was appreciated. He earned himself a nomination for Best Debutant Actor in Filmfare Awards. His first commercial hit movie was Haunted- 3D that released in 2011. The movie was starring Bipasha Basu opposite Mimoh.

He received critical acclamation for the role. He has worked in a lot of movies like Loot, The Murderer, Enemy and Tukka Fit. His debut film in the Bengali language was Rocky, that released in 2013. 2016 has a few releases scheduled for Mimoh. He is rumored dating actress ShamaSikander. He admits being a WWE fan. His favorite WWE star is John Cena. Mahaakshay Chakraborty was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but his upbringing never allowed him to take undue advantage of his surname. He always wanted to build a career in this film industry on his own and never wanted his father to help him in any way. He has succeeded in doing so and has established his name in the industry. His stature might not be as big as that of his father, but still he has a long road ahead.

Madhav Vaze Hindi Actor

Madhav Vaze

Madhav Vaze is a veteran Indian film actor, theater artist, and a director. He was born on 21st October 1939. He began his career as early as fourteen years old, where he worked as a child artist in the movie ShyamchiAai. Madhavjee played the role of a young boy, named ‘Shyam’.‘ShyamchiAai’ was about a mother and son relationship and was released in the year 1953. At an early age, Madhavjee filled his boots and was awarded President’s Award for the role. All viewers critically acclaimed his acting skills. Not many opportunities came knocking his door and as a result, he was not seen in movies. Madhav Jee never left acting. He continued as a theater artist. Initially, he worked as an actor and as he became the master of the art, he started to direct plays. The simplicity and ease with which he portrays his character on the stage have grabbed the attention of big stars. Recently, superstar Aamir Khan expressed his earnest desire to work with Madhav Jee in a play. Interestingly, Madhav Jee also played a small cameo alongside Aamir in 3 Idiots as Joy Lobo’s father. In 2013, he caught everyone’s eye when he directed a play named Hamlet in Marathi. Hamlet was a novel, written by legendary writer William Shakespeare. Besides his career in acting, Madhavjee was an English professor at Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune. Madhav Jee also takes up small advertisement projects. He is seen in the Vodafone’s ‘m-Pesa’ advertisement. Whatever opportunity has come his way, Madhav Jee hasn’t let it go. Even at the age of seventy-six, where an ordinary man would wish to retire, he has other plans. He continues to act in theater. Acting is not just a profession for him; it is something that is imbibed in his blood.


Malay Chakraborty

Malay Chakraborty is an Indian actor and also a playback singer. Malay was born in a family which consisted of famous musicians and singers. Due to taking birth in a musical household, he also decided to become a singer and pursue it as a means of earning money. Since childhood, Malay started taking training in Hindustani classical music. According to his grandfather, Hindustani Classical music was essential to understand the bits and pieces of acting. Hindustani classical music consists of the understanding of bhavas and ragas which helps one learn the various emotions and facial expressions needed to become an actor. Malay hence underwent rigorous training in classical music which helped him shape his career as an actor. Malay initially started working as a playback singer, and when his reputation grew as a singer, he stepped into the world of acting. Malay’s breakthrough chance came with the film, ‘Mujrim’, which released in the year 1989. Malay played a small part in this film which revolved around the story of Yashoda, a widow. Yashoda was the mother of two kids - one of them is Shankar, who had to spend a few years in jail because of breaking some laws. After that, Malay also did a small role in the movie, Aashik Aawara, which starred Saif Ali Khan and Mamta Kulkarni in the prominent roles. This film focused on the lives of Jimmy and Jyoti who are in love with each other but Jyoti’s dad, Kedarnath, is the killer of Jimmy’s father. This film received good response from the audience. Malay then bagged a role in Umesh Mehra’s film, ‘Qila’, which hit the theaters in 1998. Malay portrayed the part of Kundan in this film, which focused on Amarnath’s struggle and quest to find the killers of his brother, Jagannath Singh. This movie had a rating of 5.9 on IMDb. Malay went ahead to work in the film, ‘International Khiladi’, in the year 1999. Although he essayed a small part of Malaya Chakravorthy in the film, he managed to bag many film projects. International Khiladi revolved around the tale of an international gangster who is faced with the charges of murder and rape, but the truth is actually something else which gets unraveled over the course of the film. After that, Malay also worked in the movies including Ek Rishtaa - The Bond of Love and Dhoondte Reh Jaoge. Malay has mostly played the roles of an evil-doer in the movies. Malay got the opportunity to work with famous celebrities like Madhuri Dixit, Amitabh Bachchan, and Mithun Chakraborty. But he is still fond of music and actively participates in stage shows. Malay is immensely famous because of the way he sings ghazals. Apart from Bollywood movies, he also worked in Bengali and Gujarati movies. He also appeared in a philosophical film, ‘Myoho’, in the year 2012.

Malay Chakraborty Hindi Actor