Harshvardhan Deo

Other names of Harshvardhan Deo: Harshvardhan Sinha
Harshvardhan Deo Hindi Actor
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Harshvardhan Deo is among the few stars, who are such highly praised just after their first breakthrough in Bollywood. Starring in ‘Jigaryaa’, which was directed by Raj Purohit Raj Purohit is a director who works in the Bollywo >> Read More... Raj Purohit , this man grabbed a great applause from some of the senior most Bollywood personalities such as Rajkumar Hirani Rajkumar Hirani is one of the ace director, screen >> Read More... Rajkumar Hirani and Prakash Jha Prakash Jha, a director, film producer and screenw >> Read More... Prakash Jha . Here’s what they had to say about this young gentleman: Rajkumar Hirani went on to say about Harsh that because of his caliber, it was quite natural to see Harshvardhan getting his first breakthrough so quick. Wishing him the best of luck ahead, he said that the film was a decent one and Harshvardhan has been triumphant in capturing the hearts of the viewers. Prakash Jha opened up with a fact stating that Harshvardhan had assisted him long back in his movie, ‘ Chakravyuh Click to look into! >> Read More... Chakravyuh ’.

Adding up, he said that Harsh’s performance has been quite impressive and he would be glad to cast him in a lead role, ahead. Satish Kaushik An active actor, filmmaker & producer as well. He >> Read More... Satish Kaushik was another one of those who complimented him by saying as far as that he might cast Harshvardhan in any of his upcoming movies. The movie hadn’t proved to be one which could crash the Box Office Collections, but oh boy! It proved out to be a perfect starting for a beginner like Harshvardhan. He must be proud of his individual contribution. Born on 9th May 1989, Harshvardhan Deo was a kid who belonged to a family comprising of government officers, cops, and bureaucrats. Little did he know, when in his tender age, that his calling would be in the glamorous world of acting.

From the very beginning, his parents were quite critical with his academics. He had all the freedom to take up the extra-curricular activities of his choice but only after he did his job well as a diligent student. Well, Harshvardhan proved to be an obedient son and did his best in his lessons. Now that he kept the word of his parents, they are responding back equally to his decision. Being supportive, they back him up in all his ventures. Harshvardhan, when asked about his Mom and Dad in a recent interview, said that he is blessed to have such understanding parents. Acting came quite late in his life. Being a bright student and an ardent learner, Harshvardhan had moved to London, to pursue a Business Degree from the Cardiff University there.

Seven years back, he was one of the few youngsters whom parents would send so far away for education. Now the thing with this 25-year old lad is, that he never contains himself to a particular field. Even being a Business graduate, he made his mark in music as well. Back in the United Kingdom, he had formed a band with his fellowmen there. Records say that the band performed more than 350 shows there, which would have been possible only if the band was an incredible one. The band was named Swar Utsav and it did a lot of international concerts and shows around the globe. Not only this, but Harsh also mastered playing some instruments such as the guitar and the tabla. Even after being a Business graduate, he had proved his might in music, way before he came up to the Bolly-Industry!

The glamor world, over the years, has continuously witnessed a lot from this young man. Walking the ramps isn’t something new to him. Well, talking of more recent times, he was seen doing a photoshoot, and more importantly a ‘bold’ one. Gymming has been a part of his daily schedule, which showed up well in the photos that were released. Going bare from head to toe, with just a bedsheet to hide underneath, the heart-throb had later said about the photo shoot, that he wanted to expose his other side, which is a daring and bold one. He has been preparing himself for roles of all genres. Back in the last year, he along with his friends stepped onto a new venture. Along with Kushal Punjabi Kushal Punjabi is a model turned television actor >> Read More... Kushal Punjabi and director-model Tanya Malik Tanya Malik is an Indian film actress, popular amo >> Read More... Tanya Malik , he joined hands to kick start a production house. Their venture aims at amalgamating entertainment with future technologies and will have a web-series as its first project.

Signs reveal that this actor has his ambitions high, and even being just one-film-old, he’s working hard to portray himself as a better actor, ahead. Taurus is said to be the Zodiac sign of creative, hardworking artists and entertainers. Harshvardhan has done perfect justice to this. Such has been the story of this dedicated rising star so far, who aspires big and has been continuously showing up signs of making a mark in the film industry, in the coming years.