Dillzan Wadia

Other names of Dillzan Wadia: Dillzan Neville Wadia
Dillzan Wadia Hindi Actor
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actor
Dillzan Wadia is an Indian film actor, producer and a former model, who lives in Mumbai. After modelling for numerous advertisements and companies, Dillzan made his film debut with Phir Aik Sazish and even got another break with Bollywood Villa 3D, which gave him critical acclaim. 

He is born in Mumbai, Known for his macho look, he appeared in TV slots and before he came to known as one popular TV faces, he shifted his preference to acting rather than modeling. He was all set to make his big bang debut in Bollywood with 2012 flick Phir Aik Saazish. 

Quite interestingly, he started his own production house, Dillzan Wadia Productions, and he made around 150 productive documentaries and distributed & produced numerous ad films too. The first film that he produced under this banner was his own project Phir Aik Sazish that had him in the lead roles. 

His latest release was Bollywood Villa 3D, in July 2014.. He was seen playing the role of a Bollywood hero in the film. This was a suspense thriller and shot in many locations such as Goa, Gujarat and Mumbai. His latest flock was Sarfaroshi- A War against System- where Dillzan plays the role of commando was highly acclaimed. Another Dillzan’s upcoming film Four Pillars of Basement is expected for a release soon in this October. In this psycho thriller show, Dillzan will be the protagonist and will be seen in a role of security officer working in a mall and he is in love with a girl. Dillzan Wadia is also giving a break to 12-year old girl Jayalakshmi, who turns out to be a promising singer. 

Dillzan has been a huge fan of , Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan and Govinda and these actors have been a great inspiration for him.

In an industry where a banner is only as good as the talent on board, we might see Dillzan launching several fresh stories and even new faces over the next few years. Launching own banner is certainly not a cake for anybody and Dillzan holds this truth.