Meghna Erande

Other names of Meghna Erande: Meghana Erande
Birthday: 24-04-1981
Age: 38
Star sign: Taurus

Meghana Sudhir Erande was born on April 24th, 1981. She was brought up and born in India in the city of Mumbai. She is an Indian voice actress. She can talk in Marathi, English, and Hindi. She started working in media from 2003. She did a program “Dahavi Diwali” for 10th standard students’ education on regional national language channel. She was the student coordinator of the show. In her career, Meghana Erande has a popular history for dubbing. She has dubbed for animated films, live action films, live action television, anime, and television animation. She dubbed for the animation movie, “The Little Mermaid II”: Return to the Sea for the character Princess Melody in Hindi. The original voice was given by Tara Strong in English.

In 2007 she dubbed for the animated movie “ Barbie” as the Island Princess for the character Tallulah Rita. The original voice was given by Britt Mckillip. In 2004, Meghana Erande dubbed for the animated film Barbie as Rapunzel for the character Princess Melody. She dubbed for the role C.J. Parker in the show “ Baywatch” originally performed by Pamela Anderson for 109 episodes. Meghana Erande gave a voice for Hattori in the show “Ninja Hattori” for 694 episodes. It was broadcasted on Nickelodeon India. She then dubbed for the Anime “Pokemon” for the characters Chinami Nishimura, Chiaki Takahashi, Lee Quick, Jamie Davyous Owens, Elizabeth Marinelli, Emily Bauer and Saskia Maarleveld.

She then dubbed for the character Shinnisuke Nohara for the anime Crayon “Shin Chan” for more than 800 episodes. Meghana also gave the voice for 142 episodes for the character Momoko Maruko Sakura for the show “Chibi Maruko Chan”. It was telecasted on Nickelodeon India. She also gave the voice for the character Pako/Sumire Hoshino/Sumire Chan for the Anime “ Perman”. She gave a voice for 526 and also for 3 special episodes. This anime was also telecasted in Nickelodeon. In 2007, Meghana Erande gave a voice for the live action film “Shooter” and “Knocked Up” in Hindi. She dubbed for the character Sara Fenn and it was originally performed by Kate Mara.

She dubbed for the films “ Lucy” and “ Lingaa” in Hindi. The original characters were Scarlett Johannson and Anushka Shetty respectively. In 2006 she again dubbed for Scarlett Johannson in Hindi for the film Prestige. She also dubbed for Angelina Jolie in Hindi for the film “The Bone Collector”. She also dubbed for the Hindi version of the film “ The Mummy”: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in 2008. Meghana Erande’s other works include ‘Daredevil’, ‘Kick-Ass 2’, ‘Zathura’, ‘Wild Things’ and ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’. Meghana Erande also dubbed for the films “Return of Hanuman”, “ Krishna Aur Kans”, and “Ghatotkacha”.