Deepa Mehta makes such pretty movies, when watching them you're left with the feeling that everything is done for a reason. She is a true believer in the power of mise-en-scene. It was the film Fire (1996) that got her to maximum recognition and cemented her place in award-winning filmmakers. Next came Earth (1998), which displayed her prowess behind the camera yet it is many consider her finest. And then came “Water’(2005) which was her most controversial film till date. This movie faced a lot of hurdles and protest from the public. So the fact speaks volumes that her attitude towards film-making means that she wants to place herself on the top of the international film-maker. She has succeeded in achieving this goal. Deepa Mehta is an Indo-Canadian film director, film producer and screenwriter, who always had remained in controversy for any films that she had shot in India. She is also a very talented documentary filmmaker. She went to make a screen adaptation of Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children. 

She has made films with the screen presence of versatile performers such as Om Puri, Shabana, Irrfan Khan, Aamir Khan or even Nandita Das. Over the years, she has grown as a person and a cinephile but it seemed that she was wasting visiting the same Indian territory for her first three films. That is why she directed a Hollywood production, The Exclusion (2014), which was an Oscar entry too. From 1994-2005, she made five movies that can be rated very highly for a long time. In terms of style and content, her attention to the raw details of life, the darker side that other filmmakers shy away from is what appealed to many critics and international audiences. She was perfect for adapting Salman Rushdie's’ story in 2012, for an example. She impressed many film festivals so much that her recent movie Beeba Boys( 2015) was really a visual treat and even story-wise stunning. Deepa Mehta had made a couple of really exciting, quirky, visually exciting movies with Indian film stars in her career. She is a Punjabi by birth but had moved to New Delhi for further education. Her father was a film distributor. After her graduation, she took up making documentaries. It was at that time she met a Canadian documentary filmmaker, Paul Saltzman and tied her knot. Later on, they had separated, and she married another film producer David Hamilton. She was born on January 1, 1950, in Amritsar.
Debaloy Dey Hindi Actor

Debaloy Dey

Debaloy Dey is a Bollywood film director who started with a strong perception but later on stepped down from his own conviction and faded away from Bollywood with just two films that he had to direct. His approach towards cinema was his passion that had a way of capturing his imagination as a younger man always. His first film” Chandramukhi” (1993) had a star cast like Bollywood queen Sridevi and young heart-throb Salman Khan. The film was a very expensive film. In his first venture itself, he had been able to achieve this feat of signing best star available in Bollywood and wanted to craft a brilliant idea in movie “Chandramukhi”. Sridevi was so impressed then with Debaloy for signing a film with Salman that she had placed other directors in waiting list. Even Salman was equally impressed as it was his first film with Sridevi. The film has stunning visuals and melodious music, but people were less impressed, as the viewers had struggled to find anything new to recommend in the film. Maybe the director missed something? In this movie, he could not do everything that he wanted on a film shoot but he still loved his first project. He understood how innovative the film industry is. Debaloy Dey was always pushing himself to learn new techniques. He had asked why the hell his film Chandramukhi is not in Top 10 chart? Every shot he hid for Chandramukhi was fun, the story was even fun but nothing more than that he could achieve. He later made a film named ’ Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai’(2012) which was an unintentional comedy movie that had no consistency to attain a status of film director either. With two films, Chandramukhi and’ Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai’ it was meant that the director was heading in the right director, but when both the films flopped, he had only one reason to stall his career.


Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma was born on 22nd September 1975 in New Delhi, India. He is a very popular producer and director of Hindi TV serials. He got into the Hindi Television industry as Santram Verma’s assistant in direction. Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai is the first TV serial that was directed by him. The serial was telecasted in the Sony Television in the year 2006. His success as a director happened in the TV serials like Kum Kum, Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kyunki, Bhagyavidhata, and Kasam Se. He also turned up as a prominent producer of many movies. The name of his production house is Vertika Films which intends to do movies as a full on entertainer. He was highly regarded for a Punjabi short film namely Waapasi. He directed the short film, and it became viral worldwide. He is equipped with immense skill in the piece of all his direction ventures. He got the Best Short film award as a choice of the jury members at the third annual Dada Saheb Film Festival in the year 2013. He also got the Best Director award for the short film at the Noida International movie festival in the year 2014. Deepak Sharma has proved his versatility in the wonderland of Hindi film industry as a director as well as a producer. He is active in the Television industry right from the year 1996 until the present. He ventured into the industry as a Delhi-based theatre artist. All his works are quite special and favourite for the audience. He happened out to be a director of choice for many actors in the Hindi Television industry. He directed about eighteen Television serials that are a big record for any director. He made his piece of direction interesting for the audience. His recent achievement of the short film direction got him three prestigious awards in a row.

Deepak Sharma Hindi Actor