Maria Goretti is a well-known TV personality and the wife of Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi Arshad Warsi is most popular for his role as Circu >> Read More... . She was born on 26th January 1972 into a Christian family in the state of Goa. She is a popular face amongst the viewers of the MTV channel. She was selected as the VJ of the popular channel, MTV by taking part in a talent show. She is known to be one of MTV’s best and has accepted it herself that she loved her job of being a VJ. She quit her job after some years to get settled with her husband, Arshad Warsi. Six years after she had left her job at MTV, Maria came back to television with her show ‘Do It Sweet’ with NDTV Good Times, a show dedicated to making desserts.

Maria claims that her first experience of cooking was in the year 1991 when she was still in college and worked in an ice cream parlour to make some extra bucks. But she admitted that she had never thought of taking up cooking seriously at that time. Her turning point in life was when her housekeeper had to go on leave, and she had to cook for her children Zeke and Zene till the time the maid came back. Maria accepted that she was unaware of the technological advancements and that one of her friends had helped her set up her own blog in the year 2010.

One thing moved on to another, and she ended up in Gordon Ramsay’s (Michellin starred Chef) Tante Marie School of Cookery in the United Kingdom. She had said that she had found herself again in three months of cooking. She got married to Arshad Warsi in the year 1999. She met him for the first time when he had judged a dance competition in which Maria contested in her college days. Maria also did modeling after her graduation from St. Andrew’s College in 1991 and had been the face of advertisements of brands like Sunsilk and Titan. In the year 2003, Maria also appeared in Rajat Kapoor’s ‘Raghu Romeo’ and played the role of ‘ Reshma Reshma is a Tamil film actress. She was debuted in >> Read More... ’.

Sanam Jung

An acting career seems to be following a familiar track in both the major entertainment industries of the sub-continent. Whether it is Lahore or Karachi, or whether it is Bollywood, careers in modelling, Video or Radio jockeying, all these are now getting into a convergence pattern leading ultimately to acting in serials and films. Well, as far as Sanam Jung, the Pakistan TV actress is concerned; it has been a real mixed bag for her, although mostly centred on TV. Her versatility on TV is obvious from the fact that she has not just acted in notable roles, but has been the host of several very popular and thought provoking shows on Pakistani TV including the daily hosting of Hum TV’s extensively followed, “Jago Pakistan Jago”. Interestingly, for the same channel she has also acted in several widely acclaimed serials too. Her career, however, had started with the Aag TV Channel, where she was a Video Jockey for a short time, till the channel ultimately closed down. Thinking this to be the end of her career in show biz, she was lucky at that time to get an offer from Hum TV which not only allowed her to sustain he career plans, but in fact this association has really propelled her into limelight, first as a host and then as a sensitive actress, endearing her with her “girl next door” looks to a wide spectrum of her Pakistani fans. Her fans still remember her for her sensitive acting in serials like “Dil-e-Muztaar” and the more recent “Muhabbat Subha Ka Sitara Hai”.In spite of all the success and following that has come her way so far, she likes to be quite modest and not overdo it in anyway while flaunting her talents. This is the reason why she is choosy, especially about her selection of advertisement brands – believing more in quality and decency rather than on sheer numbers.This is also possibly the reason why she seems to have turned down offers from Bollywood, ignoring the temptation that many others from across the border have not been able to resist. Perhaps she felt it may impact on her hosting of her daily chat show “Jago Pakistan Jago”, or it may have been just her wish to shy away from too much publicity. We may not know the real answer to that as she is quite reticent to talk in her interviews.

Sanam Jung Hindi Actress