Rajiv Makhni was born in Amritsar. He completed his schooling from “Guru Harkishan Public School”, Vasant Vihar. He attended ‘The Doon School’ for academic studies. He later went on to pursue MBA at “Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education”, Mexico. Rajiv Makhni is an Indian technology journalist, and analyst, as well as a television presenter. He was also a very successful ramp and print model.

“The Tech Guru” was recently awarded the Television Anchor of the Year 2012 by the Indian Television Academy. He was awarded as the Best Anchor on TV in 2013, as well. He is a multiple award winning columnist, who also indulges in writing articles and blogs, generally on topics relating to technology, as well as gadgets. Some of the major publications he has written for are: Hindustan Times, M Magazines, Outlook, GQ, Men's World, Travel and Leisure International, and T3, among others in India and abroad. His weekly column in Hindustan Times is the most read technology column in the country. He is called the ‘Tech Guru’ of the country. He hosts technology shows like ' Gadget Guru ‘Gadget Guru’ is a popular Indian television show >> Read More... Gadget Guru ', 'Cell Guru' and 'NewsNet 3.0', which air on NDTV 24x7, NDTV Profit, and NDTV India. Rajiv also hosts Croma’s tech quiz show, 'Croma Tech Grandmasters', on NDTV Good Times, and the Tech Quiz Show, “Tech Grandmasters”, on NDTV Good Times.

Rajiv also made his red-carpet debut at the Cannes International Film City. Furthermore, he was a very successful ramp and print model. Rajiv Makhni married the former supermodel and Miss India Miss India was a TV serial that was aired on Doord >> Read More... Miss India , Ruchira Makhni, and they have a young daughter named Amaya Manjeet Makhni, who lives in Delhi and is currently writing a book. By the age of 26, he had started an Italian cuisine home-delivery chain in Delhi, “Slice of Italy”. He is also the founder, director, and COO of “Imagine Clothing”. It needs profound knowledge and interest to beat the world buzzing with gadgets, and Rajiv’s updated self-seems to be doing all right.

Rajiv could travel the length and breadth of the world to track down the biggest news and latest technology. Technology is his passion, and he likes to demystify technology and review the latest and best in technology. “Technology should be understood at the most highest levels, but presented at its simplest, and I think I do that best”, he says.

Kaisha Hastu Hindi Actress

Kaisha Hastu

Kaisha Hastu is a famous anchor on the Indian Television and has anchored some hit shows including ‘Cut.’ Known for anchoring reality shows, Kaisha is now seen hosting ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding.’ This show airs on NDTV Good Times. The context of the show desired an anchor who is extroverted and lively, and they found what they were looking for in Kaisha Hastu. A casting director of the show even said that after watching Kaisha’s performance in ‘Cut,’ which was a prime time show on NDTV Good Times, the casting team was sure to cast her as the anchor of their next show. The ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ showcases the journey of Kaisha through the grand and innovative Indian weddings. Indian weddings are the most happening weddings in the world. Everything about them is special. Be it decoration, food, costumes, or location. Indians are known for spending a lot on weddings, and this is what The Big Fat Indian Wedding tries to capture. It’s a journey of the lead anchor, Kaisha Hastu visiting weddings all over India, which have the most extravagant buffet or decorations, or costumes. Viewers love this show as they get to see how marriages are solemnized in different parts of India and at what scale people prepare for them. Kaisha visits all these venues selected by the creative team with her team of cameramen and covers each aspect of the marriage. She talks to the families of both bride and the groom and talks regarding the preparations and what makes this marriage worth being featured on ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding.’ She also chats to the bride and groom regarding their big day, and how excited they are. Then the most delicious part starts i.e. the buffet. She talks to the guests and based on their recommendations tastes the best dishes of the day. She never misses trying the signature dish of the chefs. Till now she has visited cities like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Jammu, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Kerala, and Chennai. Most of these episodes were in Rajasthan and Punjab. Kaisha herself admitted that people in South are quite simple and don’t believe in showing off. But the royal culture of Rajasthan makes it her favourite spot.


Ayesha Sharma

Ayesha Sharma is an actor who works in the Indian Television. She came into limelight because of the very famous show, The NDTV Good Times Road Trip. She, herself is one of the nine riders on the show. She has an extreme love for bikes and likes to ride away with them. She is said to have ridden bikes neck to neck with all the other contestants on the show and is one of the few women ever to have completed a route of the majestic Pangong Tso Lake in the Himalayas on a motorcycle for a television series. Along with which Ayesha has also produced this show and gave her narrative to it. She happily says, it was an epic journey recounting every moment she witnessed in the tour. In an interview, Ayesha stated that "When I chased after money, I never had enough. when I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, I was prosperous." Her career in anchoring has given her a boost and a reason to be happy with herself. She is a daredevil, her co-workers claim. She has achieved milestones in her life and wants to achieve much more. She is known for her communication skills and style. She has her heart in her bike and loves Enfield. She is strong, courageous and loves adventures. Not only has she accomplished her goals in life, but is happy about it too. Apart from the TV shows, Ayesha is said to be a 1st -time voter for the Indian General Elections, just like other young Indians. She is determined to make her vote count and feels like a responsible citizen of India. But to vote, she needs to be well informed. In her life, most of what she has learned has been through travelling, and that is rightly what she does to be informed regarding everything. Ayesha is considerate about a better change in the system and believes that India is a much better place to have a prosperous life.

Ayesha Sharma Hindi Actress