Don Rickles or Donald Rickles is an American actor, voice artist, and a stand-up comedian. Rickles is known for his eccentric style of “Insult comedy,” and often featured in a recurring guest role on television shows such as “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” and “Late Night Show with David Letterman.” Rickles was born to parents, Max and Etta Rickles, in Queens, New York. Rickles pursued his schooling from the Newtown High School, and later on, enrolled as a Motor Torpedo Boat Tender in the U.S. Navy, during the World War II. After serving the country for a couple of years, Rickles attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Rickles started his television career with bits and parts on a few projects but soon took up stand-up comedy, following the lack of work opportunities. Rickles started gaining notice during his stand-up performances in the clubs of Los Angeles and New York, where he became ostentatious as an “Insult Comedian” as a result of his responses to hecklers.

Rickles has credited Milton Berle as his inspiration. The decade of the 1950s saw the inception of Rickles’s career with stand-up gigs at a Miami club. As a witness to Rickles’s performance, the legendary Frank Sinatra was so impressed that he often asked many of his celebrity friends to watch Rickles live, and be mocked by him on his show. Rickles earned nicknames such as “Bullet Head,” “Mr. Warmth” and “The Merchant of Venom,” for his style of comedy. Rickles started his television career in 1955 as an announcer on “Stage 7.”

The 50s also saw Rickles in Chevron Hall of Stars, Cavalcade of America and “The Thin Man.” The year 1958 saw Rickles make his movie debut with a brief role in “Run Silent, Run Deep.” The film featured Clarke Gable and Burt Lancaster in the lead. Rickles also made an appearance in the 1959 movie “Rabbit Trapp.” The decade of the 60s featured Rickles in television shows such as The DuPont Show with June Allison, The Twilight Zone, The Addams Family, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Dean Martin Show, The Andy Griffith Show, The Bob Hope Show, and Get Smart, among many others. The 1960s also saw Rickles in movies such as The Rat Race, Bikini Beach, The Money Jungle, and “Pajama Party.” The 70s Era featured Rickles in Kelly’s Heroes, “C.P.O Sharkey,” The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, and in his show titled “The Don Rickles Show.”

The 90s featured Rickles in movies such as Keaton’s Cop, Casino, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and in television shows such as Tales from the Crypt, Hunter, Daddy Dearest, The Larry Sanders Show, and The Single Guy. The millennium decade saw Rickles in The Bernie Mac Show, Hot in Cleveland, and he also provided voice-overs for Toy Story 3, Zookeeper and Hawaiian Vacation. Even at the age of 89, Rickles is a regular guest on television talk shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, the CBS-produced “Late Show with David Letterman,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Rickles tied the knot to Barbara Sklar on the 14th of March, 1965.

Dee Bradley Baker English Actor

Dee Bradley Baker

With his mesmerizing voice, he gave life to animated characters in many films and video games. His tone helped give emotions to the roles of many animated characters. He is the voice over artist, Dee Bradley Baker. Dee Bradley Baker was born on August 31, 1962, at Bloomington, Indiana, USA. He spent his childhood in Greeley. He went to University High School. During his childhood, he was a great fan of Star Wars, The Planet of Apes, etc. and he fell in love with animal characters. With his interest in animal characters, he went to study philosophy, biology, fine arts and German, at Colorado College. But later, he studied German at University of Goettingen. As Dee Bradley Baker had interest in the voices of everything, he started working at a very young age of nine. After his graduation, he started looking for ways to become a voice actor. His first work is with the 1993 game show release, Legends of The Hidden Temple. In his first project itself, he got the chance of being an announcer and the role of the rock, God Olmec. He could do well and entertain not just the audience, but also the critics. Then, he moved to California and many projects lined up for Dee Bradley Baker. He voiced for a major role in Cow And Chicken. He worked in some cartoons like I am Weasel, Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls, etc. His remarkable work was in the cartoon feature film, Space Jam. He concentrated on the roles of Daddy Duck and Taz, which entertained the global audience. Never did he turn back and continued with all the entertainment he can share with the world. Codename: Kids Next Door, Shop 'til You Drop, The Journey of Allen Strange, etc. come under his lead role list. His contribution for Dora the Explorer, and the Ben 10 series had a great appeal. Not just the voices, he also gave animal sounds for many movies. His best animal roles include Mono, Naga, etc. which made him the second Frank Welker of the voice industry. Nevertheless, he also contributed his voice for humans too. Incredibly, he voiced for most of the Star War series. The list never ends. All in all he extended his hand for more than three hundred works from many production houses and directors. To mention a few remarkable roles and works, American Dad, and Star Wars: The Clone, come in handy. Dee Bradley Baker has a peaceful life. He married Michelle Baker in 1990 and they are blessed with two daughters.


Elie Docter

Elie Docter is an English actress and voice-over artist. She is the daughter of the famous actor, animator, film director, producer, screenplay writer, story writer, and voice over artist, Pete Docter. Her mother's name is Amanda Docter. Nicholas Docter also known as Nick is Elie Docter’s brother. Rita Margaret (Kanne) and David Reinhardt Docter are her paternal grandparents. Elie Docter has given the voice for Young Ellie in the 2009 animated movie “Up.” The movie “Up” was Pixar's 10th feature film in English. It is important to mention here that Pixar, which is also referred to as Pixar Animation Studios. Pixar has produced a total of 18 (eighteen) feature films till date, beginning with “Toy Story” in the year 1995 and the recent one being “Cars 3” of 2017. The Pixar Animation Studios is also the producer of several short films in English. “Up” is notable for being the 1st Pixar film which was originally produced in 3D technology. The movie got released on 29th May, 2009. The movie got released in the movie theatres in 2-Dimension as well as in 3-Dimension. In the year 2009, the film “Up” was nominated for 5 Academy Awards. The nominations included the following: 1. Best Picture, 2. Best Original Screenplay, 3. Best Animated Feature, 4. Best Original Score and 5. Best Sound Editing. Among all nominations, “Up” won for (I) Best Animated Feature and (II) Best Original Score. The English feature film “Up” was directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson. Elie Docter was originally known as Elizabeth Docter. Later her name was changed and she was named Elie Docter. It is also important to note that, there is also a video game called “Up” and Elie has gave voice over for the character ‘Young Ellie’ in the video game also. According to various sources, the movie viewers came to know that Elie was also the inspiration for Riley in the 2015 movie “Inside Out.” History says, though “Inside Out” was a 2015 released movie but the director Pete Docter first began to develop the story of the movie “Inside Out” from the year 2009 after he noticed changes in his daughter, Elie Docter's personality as she grew older. The film “Inside Out” was set on the mind of a young girl named Riley Andersen. Besides being a voice over artist, she is also a drawing artist. Therefore, we can hope that in the upcoming years, we can watch more films where we can hear her voice, and also in near future we can see many animations created out of her drawings.

Elie Docter English Actress