Fern Britton was born on 17 July, 1957 in Ealing, London in England. She is a television presenter and has done most of her work with two of the most popular channels in England, ITV and BBC. Fern Britton worked in many reality shows like 'Ready Steady Cook', 'This Morning', and in a dancing reality show 'Strictly Come Dancing' where she paired with the professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev. Britton worked in 3 shows and serials. Britton was born in Ealing, London. She is the daughter of actor, Tony Britton and Ruth Hawkins. She went to Dr. Challoner's High School in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire. She got training for drama from The Central School of Speech and Drama. She is now working with the Cambridge Theatre Company. Britton started her broadcasting career in March 1980 in Plymouth.

Fern Britton worked at TVS in Southampton. Britton co-hosted with many TV personalities, in the news program, "Coast to Coast". She co-hosted the show with Fred Dineage. She also shared the stage in the television show, "Magic Moments" with Stefan Buczacki. In 2006, Britton presented the reality television show 'Soapstar Superstar'. She hosted the classical Brit Awards at the Royal Albert Hall and the British Soap Awards with her stage mate Phillip Schofield. Britton also co-presented ITV's famous show "Mr and Mrs. Britton", and has also worked in the famous TV series 'Fern Britton Meets'.

Britton also worked in advertisements for several companies and causes, which includes the appearance as herself in advertisements for Ryvita Minis. Britton's first husband was the famous TV executive Clive Jones. Britton got a divorce after a year of her marriage. She has four children. Britton had a fourth child from her second husband Phil Vickery. Britton believes in helping people in need. She worked for the charities and became a patron of the Genesis Research Trust, a charity, that is chaired by Professor Lord Winston. Britton also wrote novels, short-stories and non-fictional stories .She wrote 6 novels, 3 short-stories and 4 non-fictional stories.

Amy Locane English Actress

Amy Locane

Amy Rose Locane- Bovenizer was born in Trenton (New Jersey) on 19 December 1971. She is an American TV and movie actress. She is the daughter of Helen and Richard Locane, who were theater actors who claimed a light house as well, and her adolescence was spent around theaters. This may be the reason she picked acting as her vocation, regardless of the fact that she was a hit sensation as a child artist. She had worked in more than 60 TV advertisements and was kind of a kid star at the age of 12. Amy graduated from Villa Victoria Academy of New Jersey, where she was a member of Concert Choir and Ceramics Club. Having ascended to distinction at an opportune time, she was spotted by a few producers and directors using that she incorporated her vocation with the entertainment Industry. Amy is best known for her part in Cry-Baby as Sandy Harling, which was a melodic parody in 1990. She was a model and performing artist before turning into a natural face on such New York-based shows, like One Life to Live (1968) and Loving (1983). Amy auditioned for Punky Brewster, the television series in 1984. But instead, she got Spencer, her first sitcom playing the role as Andrea Winger, the younger sister of Chad Lowe on NBC. At the age of 16, Amy got Lost Angels, her first movie, in which she featured with Donald Sutherland for Hugh Hudson, the Oscar-winning director in 1989. Different movies immediately took after, including the cult classic like John Waters' Cry-Baby featuring Johnny Depp in 1990 and School Ties featuring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in 1992 and Blue Sky by Tony Richardson in 1994, for which she won critical acclaim playing Alex Marshalls the daughter of Jessica Lange. At age the of 19, Aaron Spelling chose Amy to be in the first cast of Melrose Place, a TV show by Darren Star in 1992. Sadly, the various performing artists were in their mid to late 20s, and after just episode 13, they expelled the youthful Locane. After these shows, she searched for edgier parts and discovered them in Indie movies, including a supporting character in Secretary to Maggie Gyllenhaal in 2002. In 2006, Amy retired from motion pictures and moved back to her New Jersey residence, where she acted very often in nearby group theater. She wedded Mark Bovenizer, a businessman in 2008 and had two girls. She is recently in the divorce proceeding. On 27 June of 2010, she got into a car accident, in which a lady died, and her husband got serious injuries in Montgomery of New Jersey. The cops additionally discovered that she had been drinking around then, and in this way, she went to three years in prison. From 2013, she was positioned at Women’s Edna Mahan Correctional Facility and was discharged in 2015 after her kid's well-being deteriorated.


Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan or Donata Melina Nicolette Lohan (born Donata Melina Nicolette Sullivan) is the mother and manager of the actress Lindsay Lohan. She is also a TV actor. Her date of birth is September 15, 1962. She is 54 years old and was born in New York City, New York, US. She also has two other children, Dakota Lohan and Michael Aliana. Dina has two brothers. Her roots are from Ireland (from her father's side) and Italy (from her mother's side). She is a devout Roman Catholic. She used to be a singer and a dancer. She was the executive producer of the show “Living Lohan”, in which she acted with her daughter Ali Lohan. Ali is the younger daughter of Dina. Her daughters Ali and Lindsay got into the field of acting from a very young age. Their choice of performing from childhood and her allowing it attracts a lot of negative comments and criticism. Critics feel that Dina is exploiting her kids to gain fame for herself. The general belief is that the girls should get to live a normal life instead of being pushed into Hollywood. Dina has persistently denied these claims. She feels that those criticizing her parenting are not being adult about such claims. She married her partner Michael Lohan in 1985. Dina and Michael had a rather troublesome marriage which ran on and off. They finally filed for divorce in 2005 and parted ways by 2007. Both of them have had their run-ins with the law. Dina has even been arrested for Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and over speeding in 2013 for which she had pleaded not guilty. In Lindsay Lohan's movie The Parent Trap (1998) she made a cameo appearance where she was an extra at the airport. After that, she has mainly stuck to Reality TV shows like Living Lohan. Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, and Lindsay. Dina keeps running into financial roadblocks. Lindsay has often come to her rescue and bailed her out of tight monetary conditions. Recently, she defaulted on a loan she had taken to purchase a large house. Due to failure in making the payment, she lost the house. Dina and Lindsay share a very close bond. Dina has tried to be there for Lindsay through her bad times, and Lindsay too has reciprocated. Although, later when interviewed on Oprah, Lindsay came clean and accused her parents, especially her mother for her chaotic upbringing that finally led to her downfall. Dina personally feels responsible for the change in Lindsay's career that completely spiraled. She acknowledges that she has had a part to play in the manner in which Lindsay went through behavioral and drug-related issues.

Dina Lohan English Actress