L Scott Caldwell English Actress
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L. Scott Caldwell was born on April 17th, 1950. She was an American actress whose original name was Laverne Scott. She was very famous for her role as Rose in the movie Lost. Scott was born in Chicago to working parents as their middle child. She grew up in the Woodlawn Neighborhood and used to attend the morning session of an elementary school, while her other siblings used to attend the afternoon session. After school, she used to go to a nearby theatre and she also joined the Drama Club while she was in Hyde Park High School. When she was taken from school along with her whole class to watch a performance of A Day Of Absence, it was the first time she saw Black actors acting on stage.

The performance featured Douglas Turner Ward, who was a black man. After her schooling was completed, she joined the Northwestern University but continued there only for one year before she became a full-time worker for Illinois Bell. She even got her degree in arts and communication from Loyola University in Chicago. Caldwell was a member of Negro Ensemble Company and she started her career from there in 1978. She made her debut on Broadway two years later in the play Home. She has a great experience in theatres, movies, theatres and television shows. She has directed and choreographed numerous TV shows and theatre plays starring famous artists.

She has also worked in world telecasts and regional production companies. In the movie Lisa Trotter, Caldwell played the lead role in 2010. She also played supporting roles in a number of films and featured as a guest in over fifty television shows and reality shows. Before she became a professional actor, she had planned to take up teaching as her profession. She even worked as a Professor in Performing Arts in Chicago High School and even worked in the Chicago Council of fine arts. While her stay in Chicago both as a scholar and as a teacher, she used to practise and act in local theatres namely, Body Politic, Court Theatre and Eleventh Street Theatre.

When she traveled to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York to give an audition for Uta Hagen’s School, her eyes fell upon an advertisement given by the Negro Ensemble Company in 1978. After her auditions in Hagen’s School were completed she immediately went to Negro Ensemble Company to give her auditions there. After getting divorced in 1980, she got married to Dasal Banks. He died of cancer in 2005. Caldwell completed Banks last film, My Brothers and Me, which is a documentary to raise awareness on prostate cancer. Till now she has acted in numerous theatre plays, films, television shows and she is a worldwide famous personality. Her works are a thing to look up to for many. She has been awarded many prestigious awards through her illustrious career. We expect her to continue the same way she has till now.