Bria Vinaite English Actress

Bria Vinaite is a Lithuanian actress, whose birth name is Barbora Bulvinaitė. She was born in Lithuania on the 10th of June in 1993 Bria moved to Brooklyn, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York City when she was around seven years of age. Bria has got several tattoos; she had her first tattoo when she was 14. At around the same time, her parents sent her to a boarding school. When she was 18, Bria decided to live home to develop her career, instead of going to a college like most of her age mates.

When she turned 19, Bria created her clothing line called Chronical Design, selling bikinis and baseball caps which were inspired by a marijuana theme. Bria' s debut project was a movie titled ‘Florida project.' The fascinating thing about this is that she got a shot at this through an Instagram post. Her post was a video on which she was imaginatively reporting her life, to stay in touch with her New York companions, while living in Miami.

After seeing the post, Sean Barker and Dough Puncher were impressed by her personality and knew she would be the right piece for their movie. Hence they gave her a spot to play in the film, as Halley, a former stripper and single mother living at a budget motel. Before she began her acting vocation in the film industry, she had three weeks of acting classes from her acting educator Samantha Quan.

Even though this was her first film, her theatrical displays were excellent. The movie was a huge success and got her several award nominations. Bria has also featured in other movies such as 'Lost Transmissions' and 'Balance, Not Symmetry' she is also part of the 'OA' Tv show. Bria also made an appearance in Drake's music video 'Nice For What.