Chet Dixon English Actor
Other Skills

Chet Dixon is a brilliant actor, singer, and producer. Chet does not restrict his horizons as his projects are both Hollywood and Bollywood. Chet has come a long way, his every project is done with immense dedication and hard work. His debut movie was Expect No Mercy in the year 1995. He is known for the movies, Cold Moutain (2003), Expect no mercy (1995), Rainbow(2015), and American Dreams(2005).

Chet loved acting, and all of his movies were always exceptional and unique like In the Flesh(1998), Atlanta Blue(1999), Fighting Eddie(2000), The Number(2001), Bollywood Calling (2002), Days of Wrath(2008), Rainbow(2015) in which Chet also did playback singing in a song named Dum A Dum, and This Day Forward(2018). He also co-produced a short movie in 2014 named Halloween Judge. Chet has done a total of 18 movies. With the help of social media, Chet keeps his fans posted with singing videos and sometimes the pictures of his daily life activities.