Fanny Valette is a French actress born on 4th July 1986. She imitated Max Boublil's humorous number 'J'aime Les Moches.' She started her career as Television artist in the year 1995 and appeared in the series Une Famille Pour Deux. Gradually she improved her career by appearing in many series and entered into the film industry in the year 1999 and acted in the movie "Le fils du Français". Again in the year 2002, she worked in the series Justice de femme and consecutively in the other series titled "Marylin et ses enfants" in the year 2003.

During 2004 she was not seen in any series or movies, but in the year 2005 she came back with another French movie titled "La Petite Jérusalem". Karin Albou directed this film. in the year 2006 she was seen again in the TV series "L'Avare". Until the year 2010, she worked in movies, and there on she worked in Television series. Her last Television series was Engrenages, which aired in the year 2014. She won the Most Promising Actress award in the year 2006. In the corresponding year, she won the Best Female Newcomer award.

In 2015 she worked in the movie Night Fare, which was directed by Julien Seri. She played the character of Chloé in the movie High Lane, which is a horror movie. In the movie La Petite Jérusalem, she played the role of Laura. She won the Lumières Award in the Most Promising Young Actress category for her portrayal of the role in this movie. She later worked in the film 'A Love You', which got released in the year 2015. This movie is of comedy genre.