Birthday: 19-02-1893
Date of death: 06-08-1964
Star sign: Pisces

Sir Cedric Webster Hardwicke was a stage and movie actor who was born on 19 February 1893, in Lye, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom. He was a highly acclaimed actor who is famed for having a career span of nearly fifty years. For his early schooling, he attended the Bridgnorth Grammar School in Shropshire. For his higher education, his first inclination was towards having a medical degree, but failure in qualifying some exams led him to the world of theatre and subsequently, he trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Hardwicke’s successful journey in theatre began at the Lyceum Theatre, London, in 1912. Also during that year, he was very much a student at Her Majesty's Theatre. Rather subsequently, he again made appearances at the Garrick Theatre in Charles Klein's play Find the Woman, and Trust the People. WWI also historically intervened in his theatre career, and for seven long years, he was made to serve as an officer in the Judge Advocate's branch of the British Army in France. After his discharge, in the year of 1922, he joined the Birmingham Repertory Company, playing a range of parts in The Rivals to the Twelfth Night. In the late ‘40s, he endeavoured to join the Old Vic Company at the New Theatre, and finally, he permanently moved to the US. In the early ‘50s, he made appearances on Broadway.

He also had a vivid film and television career. Hardwicke made his first movie appearance in a British film in 1931. Later, he played some major roles in widely acclaimed British movies like Stanley and Livingstone in 1939, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, around the year of 1939. On television, he first appeared in a 1956 episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents by the title Wet Saturday. During the early ‘60s television season, he played the role of Professor Crayton on CBS’ successful sitcom Mrs. G. Goes to College. Earlier, Hardwicke had also guest-starred in the famous CBS sitcom Mr. Adams and Eve. Lastly, in his full glory, his last role was in The Outer Limits. Hardwicke had married twice in his lifetime. First in 1928, he married the beautiful and successful English actress Helena Pickard, but they divorced after twenty years of marriage. They had a son who was also an actor by the name Edward Hardwicke. His second marriage was to Mary Scott in 1950 which ended in divorce in 1961. They also had a child together. Hardwicke died alone on 6th August 1964 in New York as a victim of Cancer.

Sabu Dastagir English Actor

Sabu Dastagir

Sabu Dastagir was born on January 27, 1924. He obtained American Citizenship before he was an Indian actor. He had created from his first name Sabu. In Britain and America, he was known for his work, during 1930s-1940s. An Indian Mahout (elephant rider) was his father. Journalist Philip Leibfried suggested that Sabu Dastagir was his brother’s name but in most of the reference books his name was Sabu Dastagir, and his actual name was Selar Shaik Sabu or Sabu Francis. In the robbery of his furniture store his brother had been killed, their business was owned by two men jointly. In 1937, Robert Flaherty discovered and cast him in his film named Elephant Boy in which he played the role of an elephant rider when he was 13 years old. The film was based a story by Rudyard Kipling named "Toomai of the Elephants". In the Thief of Bagdad, a British film, 1940, he was best known for his role as Abu. He played the role of Mowgli in the Jungle Book, a Kipling story directed by Zoltán Korda in 1942. He joined the United States Army Air Forces and served as a tail gunner and ball turret gunner on B-24 Liberators, after becoming the citizen of America. In the Pacific, with the 370th Bomb Squadron of the 307th Bomb Group, he flew a dozen missions and was also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his valor and bravery. He was not able to secure the roles in Hollywood that British films offered after World War II. He got significant roles like his role as supporting actor in film Black Narcissus (1947). In the Harringay Circus, he was seen with an elephant act, in 1952. A Tiger Walks was his last film that was completed and was released three months after his death on March 1964. Marilyn Copper was his wife. They both got married on 19 October 1948 and had two children. Their marriage lasted until his death. The rock band Sabu was established by his son Paul Sabu in 1980s and their daughter was an animal trainer in various films and her name was Jasmine Sabu, and she died in 2001. Sabu died on 2 December 1963 and was 39 years old. His death was because of sudden heart attack and her wife mentioned in an interview that two days before his death their doctor said that “If all my patients were as healthy as you, I would be out of my job."


Chad Lindberg

Chad Tyler Lindberg was born in Washington on November 1, 1976. He was born in a place called Mount Vernon in Washington, America. He is an actor. Chad Lindberg was born to Pete Lindberg and Luwana. He went to Mount Vernon High School. He is nicknamed as Dr. Badass. Jenny McCarthey, Bo Bice (American Idol Finalist) and Penn Badgley and Chad Lindberg share the same birthday on November 1. He is 6 feet tall. In 1997 he started his acting career. He appeared in Black Circle Boys as Rory in at the Sundance Film Festival. That was how he began his acting career.  He then started appearing as a guest in several famous television shows like The X flies, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and ER. He then started pursuing his career by appearing in film roles. He appeared in October Sky as Sherman O’Dell. Joe Johnston directed the movie. It was an American biographical film released in 1999. The film was based on true story. In 2000 he appeared in the film Brightness. He then appeared as a faltering mechanist, Jesse in The Fast and The Furious. It was directed by Rob Cohen in 2001. He acted in movies like Undone, A Midsummer Night’s Rave, The Rookie, The Flats, The Last Samurai and The Failure from 2001 to 2003. He then appeared in series like Cold Case, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Inside, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Supernatural and CSI: NY from 2003 to 2010. In 2010 he appeared in I Spit on the Grave, a cult classic. He earned attention for his acting in that movie. He was a part of My Big Break, a Tony Zierra’s documentary in 2011. It was about the former career of Wes Bently, Greg Fawcett, Brad Rowe and Chad Lindberg. He appeared as Hick in an episode as a guest star in The Cape in in 2011. He came as a trained sniper assassin. He then appeared in series like Castle, Weeds, Criminal Minds, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Major Crimes. He then appeared in movies like My Big Break, Rise of The Zombies, Ghost Stalkers, and Midnight Riders. He appeared in a TV Film Manson’s Lost Girls in 2016. He is also acting the film Security which is being filmed now. It is scheduled to be released in 2017. He is now working on the Destination America channel program Ghost Stalkers as a Paranormal Investigator. On his chest, he has Varg Vikernes tattoos.

Chad Lindberg English Actor