Thomas Robinson is a child actor, who appears in American movies. He shot to fame with his performance in the film ' The Switch Click to look into! >> Read More... The Switch ' (2010), directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, starring Jennifer Aniston She became a household name in 1994 as she appeare >> Read More... Jennifer Aniston from the TV show Friends, Jason Bateman Jason Bateman, born on 14th of January, 1969, is a >> Read More... Jason Bateman and actor Thomas Robinson in lead roles.

The film was an adaptation of the short story Baster by Jeffrey Eugenides. The lead actor Jason Bateman was praised by the critics for his performance. The child actor was too praised equally. The film was commercially a successful movie.

He was just six-years-old when he acted in the movie 'The Switch.’ He received high appreciation from co-star Patrick Wilson. Thomas' performance as Sebastian, Aniston's bright son, had coaxed a chorus of "awws" from the audiences. The actor was then the latest in a group of strikingly naturalistic and evocative child actors anchoring movies.

Growing up as a child actor has never been simple in Hollywood. Because the process of selection through an audition is very complicated. As the child actors have to submit their auditions to directors via YouTube. Sometimes being cast in a TV series also helps a child actor.

But when child actors want to directly star in movies, both talent and luck speak up. And this has been the case for child actor Thomas Robinson who is very cute and shy and can be known as a mama’s boy. This youngster’s career has been quite competitive with other child actors of his era.

Rachel Robinson, Thomas' mom, said her son followed his older brother’s footsteps. His brother Bryce was 10-years-old and after seeing his brother come into movies, Thomas too ventured into films after Bryce starred in "Marley & Me" and "Valentine's Day."

Thomas Robinsons’ mother, Rachel Robinson feels acting is both her sons' hobby. Acting has its own process, and she even had stated once that acting is better to act rather than running around outside the home. However, she has never pressurized her two sons to start acting.  She once said, if her sons wanted to opt out of acting, they were welcome to do so.

North Hollywood resident Thomas later went ahead with his second role. In the year2011, Thomas Robinson played Leo Sheppard—Gloria Sheppard’s (actress Ally Walker) youngest son in the TV series ‘'The Protector,' created by Michael Nankin and Jeffrey Jackson Be. The show premiered on Lifetime cable TV network.

In 2015, Thomas Robinson played the role as young Frank Walker in the science-fiction mystery movie 'Tomorrowland.’  In this film, Geroge Clooney narrated the role of Frank Walker, a grizzled inventor, and  Thomas Robinson played the younger version of the character. This film was praised by critics and even had a great collection at the box office. Born on 09-07-2002, he is 15-years old now.