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Debashree Roy

Other names of Debashree Roy: Debasree Roy, Kumari Chumki, Chintamani

Debashree Roy is not only an actress but also a politician and social activist. Her place of birth is Kolkata. She was born to Birendra Kishore Roy (father) and Arati Roy (mother). From childhood, Roy is very passionate towards dancing and acting. She has an elder sister Purnima Roy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . She took her dancing lessons from her elder sister and her mother as well. Debashree has acted in Bengali, Tamil, and Malayalam movies. In Tamil film industry she is known as ‘Chintamani.’ She used her name ‘Kumari Chumki’ as a child actress. Her debut film as a child artist is ‘Balak Gadadhar’ directed by Harimoy Sen in 1969. Then, giving her debut film, she acted in ‘Khueli’ directed by Tarun Majumdar A legendary director who has created the most exce >> Read More... in 1971. Roy has acted in more than 100 films that include all Bengali, Tamil, and Malayalam movies. Debashree started her dancing career as a stage performer in an early stage of her life. She is a well- known Odissi dancer. After getting success in the field of dancing, she opened her own dance group ‘NATRAJ’.

Roy is famous for her movies like ‘Dadar Kirti’ directed by Tarun Majumdar, ’36 Chowringhee Lane’ directed by Aparna Sen A vetern filmmaker and actress, Aparna Sen has bee >> Read More... , Phulwari, Manaivi Reddy, Aparanher Alo, Unishe April, Swami Vivekananda, Asukh, Yuddho, Minister Fatakeshto, Life in Park Street, Tabu Mane Rekho, 24th July and many more. Debashree has won more than thirty accolades including a National Film Award for best actress for the film ‘Unishe April’. She has also won the second highest civilian award of West Bengal in 2014 “Bangabhusan”. Apart from acting in films, she has also appeared in a television serial in the year 1998. Name of the series is “ Mahabharata Story soon >> Read More... ”, an Indian epic directed by B.R.Chopra. Here, she portrayed the role of Satyavati, second wife of the King Shantanu of Hastinapur, stepmother of Gangaputra Bheeshma, and mother of Chitrangada and Vichitravirya. She has married to Prasenjit Chatterjee, a Bengali actor. After a very short period, they both divorced. And after this, she never married second time. Roy is the maternal aunt of Rani Mukherjee, a Bollywood actress. Debashree is also a politician and currently a Member of Legislative Assembly from All India Trinamool Congress.


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